Will It Really Get Better?…We Can Always Hope

An excellent essay from our correspondent in the Afghan theater that’s worth excerpting in full;

It is fun to curse our leaders and throw stones at them, but we should realize that cursing politicians will not create answers where none exist. Sometimes, cursing politicians is a way of whistling in the dark; by grumbling about how stupid and inept they are, we reassure ourselves that answers really do exist and that if more competent people were in office our problems would all be solved.

I’m not sure that’s true. I do think our politicians are getting it wrong: too many on both sides of the Atlantic are trying to shore up the blue social model rather than thinking about how to move beyond it. But in fairness to them, what comes next is not so clear.

The economic impact of the internet has been to wreck the middle man, most recently, Borders.

By breaking the grip on communications enjoyed by the Ruling Class, the internet is exposing and claiming nanny states the world over.

Some are retreating into fascist religious expression, particularly the neighborhood from which I write.

In the West, the Ruling Class is so used to bribing the people of today with the wealth of tomorrow that they lack all courage to do what’s necessary. When a Perry states the obvoius, that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, it’s seen as some raging blasphemy. And it’s hardly a start.

Sorry, Paul Ryan: the Roadmap, while a noble effort to save Holy Progress, is mostly a fool’s errand. The Progressive Era is toast. What is called for is a top down scrub, and transition plan away from the centrally managed system, in favor of one that respects liberty and rewards initiative. Sure, the transition will have to respect the dupes who’ve been worshipping the Golden Calf of Progress the last century; folks under 50 (e.g. me) are going to have to step up and take a haircut. For all our Ruling Class has been pissing down our back and telling us it’s raining these years, the lying swine, they’ll find a surprising maturity in the American populace. You know, the common folk who ran the better part of a million people through the Mall last year and left it cleaner than they found it.

We’re going to have a painful few years, while we get through the trough on the economic sine curve. TANSTAAFL, though we’ve behaved as though Heinlein was wrong for quite a while. The crucial thing at this point is to locate and support the sober leadership necessary to get us off of the road to serfdom, and headed back toward our birthright of liberty.

Don’t know or care who that leader is. Cain? Perry? Bachmann? Palin? McCotter? Santorum? Who cares? As long as they are not a Ruling Class tool, it’s fine by me. Reducing the Presidency from a cheap personality cult and back to a simple, Constitutional executive is what matters. Leave the despair to the Ruling Class worms and their sycophants, say I.

It will get better.

I certainly hope so Smitty. The problem is that a lot of our politicians were educated in the progressive meme and learned their economics on the lap of Keynesian economics professors, which as you well know, is a failed economic theory. It’s failed everywhere it’s been tried…just look to our brethren in Europe for confirmation of that fact.

As Margaret Thatcher once said…”The problem with Socialism is pretty soon, you run out of other people’s money.”


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