Group Dating…What A Concept

Stealth Christianist Invasion!.

What a concept…group dating. I remember the youth group at our church when I was still in high school. Not only did we have fun during the weekly get together, we also had chaperoned camping trips, went to the skating rink or up to Sliding Rock where great clean fun was had by all. That’s also where I met my first serious girl friend.

Stealth Christianist Invasion!

Posted on | September 6, 2011 | 1 Comment and 0 Reactions

by Smitty

Instapundit links a shiny new dating idea. “Grouper Makes Group Dating Fun & Fashionable“:

It’s a simple yet genius idea that you’re going to wish you had thought of, but two Yale grads, Jerry Guo, 23, and Michael Waxman, 24, beat you to the punch. Launched in June 2011, Grouper is an online social club (currently only in New York City) whose goal is to get you offline as quick and easily as possible and onto a great night out on the town with people you may have never met before. You can use it to find your next date or just to expand your social circle – a Grouper is whatever you make it.

Who, besides those lunatic Christians, would have thought of the notion of getting together in groups for low-stress fun?

The notion of a social middle ground between hermitry and a continuous partner swap seems startling to the modern degenerate hipster. Still, this blog rejoices that technology has enabled said hipster to duplicate online the place where church youth groups have been for a few decades.

Is this an early harbinger of creeping Christianism, though? Could there be some future where post-Goth girls are not State-dependent psychological wrecks, having children by random fathers whereever unpronouncable diseases haven’t sterilized them? Could future generations of Ricky Martin fans rediscover heterosexuality as a path to long-term happiness?

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