Young And Dumb And Full Of Piss And Vinegar

In the Future, Everyone Will Be a GOP Political Strategist for 15 Minutes.

Stacy goes all curmudgeon on us and gives a mild beatdown to a young aspiring political blogger/journalist.

That Warhol-esque prophecy is inspired by Meredith Jessup’s post about Sarah Palin yesterday at The Blaze:

There’s no doubt that Palin has become a political rock star/powerhouse, but conservatives recognize that the best place for her to make a difference is using her voice as an advocate, not a politician.

This is where I play the “I’ve got ties older than you, kid” card against Jessup, who was still pooping in Pampers when I began my journalism career in 1986. What is it with these know-it-all kids nowadays, huh?

Nothing against Jessup personally, you understand, but rather to reiterate my long-held view that it is a major symptom of the decline of Western Civilization when 20-somethings consider themselves qualified to lecture their elders on How It Ought to Be.

Perhaps others are less sensible of the insulting disrespect involved in being lectured in this manner by callow youth. Perhaps there are some conservatives who are amused by the impudent precocity whereby a kid four years out of college (yeah, I checked) presumes to tell the former governor of Alaska what “the best place for her” is. And even dares do so ex cathedra, as though authorized to speak on behalf of conservatives!

Part of what’s going on here, of course, is the democratizing effect of the Internet, where everyone with a WiFi connection imagines himself the Second Coming of Bill Buckley.


Hey Stacy, don’t fret…we were all smarter than our elders back when we were in our early twenties.

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