What A Sorry Excuse For A Debate

My views on this debate are probably the same as some of the rest of you. It seems like, as Newt Gingrich said, that the panelists are trying their best to get the Republicans fighting amongst themselves and the candidates weren’t going to stand for it.

Having a Liberal “news” organization run a debate for Conservative candidates is like having an arson keep watch over a book of matches and a can of gasoline

Key things to take away from this debate…America has a crisis of confidence and Keynesian economics is dead.

When the panelists for the MSNBC debate were announced, I knew it would be a clusterfuck.

I was pleasantly surprised at the civility of all the candidates towards each other. Even when Bryan Williams and that doofus from Politico tried to get one of the candidates to make incendiary remarks against their opponents, they refused to take the bait.

My take away from this debate is that the best prepared candidates and the most direct with their answers were Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich. Also it seemed to me like MSNBC was deliberately trying to pit Mitt Romney against Rick Perry with a few token questions thrown to the other people on the stage.

Face it, the MSM and the Obama administration is scared to death of a Perry candidacy, although, any of those candidates could beat Obama right now with the exception of Jon Huntsman.

Update; Stacy McCain has some analysis as well as some video of the non- event last night and was very disappointed in the panelist’s focus on Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, as was I. And Stacy also wonders what the hell former Utah governor Jon Huntsman is doing there. He’s a worse RINO than Lindsey “Amnesty” Graham. Even he  got more face time than did Herman Cain. Here’s a short excerpt;

From my point of view, the two biggest questions about last night’s Republican debate were, (a) why was Jon Huntsman on the stage and (b) why did he get so much time? It is absurd to include the man I’ve dubbed “Governor Asterisk” — denoting his status as an irrelevant footnote to the 2012 campaign — while excluding, inter alia, Thad McCotter and Buddy Roemer.

Huntsman represents the “re-elect Obama” wing of the Republican Party, so the MSM types consider him legitimate, and therefore his inclusion is not questioned while all the media focus on the “fireworks” between Mitt Romney and Rick Perry:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) began sparring over their respective jobs records less than 10 minutes into Wednesday’s Republican presidential debate.
The highly-anticipated fight between Romney and Perry, the two front-runners for the GOP nomination, largely lived up to expectations, with extended spats between the pair throughout the debate. . . .

(“Highly-anticipated” by whom? The media, of course.)

I still say the better format for future debates would be the one used by the Palmetto Freedom Forum.

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