Smitty’s “Short”…That Means He’s Coming “Back To The World”

Smitty of The Other McCain is about seven days and a wake up away from making the trip “back to the world” as we used to say back in the day. In other words, he’s “short.”

For those of you who have served in our military in an overseas capacity, you’ll recognize those military euphemisms. “Back to the world” means you’re coming back to the Continental United States from service in a foreign country.

And being “short” means you’re the envy of all your compatriots because you’re just a few days away from leaving what ever hell hole you’ve been stationed in for the last year or so away from family and friends.

Ten years on, who could have foreseen passing the anniversary of 9/11 in Afghanistan? But that’s another post, where I’ll share what I think is the best thing written on that topic.

Fortune willing, in another week I’ll start the trek home, arriving by the end of the month. It’s no exaggeration to say that I think things are, in some ways, wackier in the U.S. than here in the ‘Stan. I’ve been a FOBbit here.

Checking in on Twitter and the RSS reader could bring an optimist to the edge of depression. There just isn’t much happy news to blog about.  Besides the wife and the World’s Youngest Blogger, there are a couple of things to anticipate, though.

Right now, I’m envisioning being at home, with decent bandwidth, Flash enabled in the browser, a pint of this Schweddy Balls ice cream, and the new Chickenfoot release, curiously titled ‘III’, as though their command of math in naming their second studio release was a desperate plea for a U.S. Treasury job.

Pray for the country. Pray for the leadership. You may have voted against them, but there they are. Pray that, though we sort of know who the agitators are, that those defending liberty keep it real and keep it peaceful.

I don’t know about the Schweddy Balls though dude. I know you’ve been away from home for a while, but …


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