Debate With Updates


So far, the debate has gone relatively smooth. Although at first, it was looking like the Romney/Perry show again. I’m pleasantly surprised that Wolf Blitzer is doing a good job as moderator.

For my money, Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich are getting the best lines in.

8:57 Cain says Federal Reserve needs to be audited.

Bachman wouldn’t be reappointing Ben Bernanke. Not only audited and shrunk down til it squeaks.


Perry stands by his Treasonous remark against Bernanke.

Romney…we need to have a Fed.

every dollar that I earn, how much should I get to keep?


Animatronic Huntsman…you oughta be given a competitive tax code…so he’s for taxes.


Gingrich..For a second I thought you were going to refer to GE because they didn’t pay any taxes last year. We can depend on foreigners for our oil and gas or we can let people loose to create energy. We have a over spending problem, we don’t have an under taxing problem.

Fair tax…Romney ..Consumption tax is good. Level the playing field. But would hurt middle class people.

Executive orders…Ron Paul…some E.O.’s are good and within the President’s purview, but should not be used as a legislative order.

Rick Perry…gardisal…I could have done it differently, but I was doing it for a good reason…yeah…what ever. I will use E.O.’s to repeal all of Obama’s previous executive orders as well as repealing Obama care.

Well, I’m bored with this already.

Bachman hits Perry with Merck donation to his campaign. I can’t be bought for five thousand dollars, says Perry…how much can you be bought for, then?

Santorum…it’s bad policy and shouldn’t have been done.

Perry sounds weary of defending his gardasil policy in Texas.

Plan to reduce the cost of health care?

Cain…pass market driven patient centered health care…pass loser pay rules, restructure medicare. allow association health plans.

Romney…Romneycare comes up…Romney stands his ground on Romneycare.


Perry agrees with states being able to do their healthcare insurance plans if they so choose.

My plan was better than Obama’s plan and I’ll repeal it, it’s wrong for the country.

Ron Paul…30 year old in good health doesn’t buy insurance…what do you do if he has an accident or goes into a coma?

Well…people need to take personal responsibility for their lives. Stop relying on government to take care of you.

Bachman… no state has the right to make someone to buy any kind of product like health insurance. If you believe mandated insurance is right for states to do, then you’re not committed to repealing Obamacare.

Commercial break…time for some Famous Amos chocolate cookies.

What would you do to fix immigration?

Santorum, we have an unsecure border…until we rebuild that border, we need to enforce the laws in our country.

Perry…fed has been an abject failure. Fencing has a role, but is not the only solution…boots on the ground…4500 BP agents, 1500 N.G. troops, aerial assets.

Santorum…Perry gave them tuition assistance. Make English the official language…we are a melting pot, not a salad bowl.

Perry defends tuition assistance. The reaction isn’t good.

Bachman…The American way is not to give tax breaks and entitlements to illegal immigrants.

Perry’s against Dream act.

Huntsman…you gave driving licenses to illegal immigrants…Perry is treasonous because he says you can’t build a fence all the way. Huntsman…we gave driving priviledges, not I.D. cards.

Romney…telling them they and their ancestors didn’t come here for a handout. We don’t give in state tuition to illegals. We don’t give driver’s licenses to illegals.

Perry tries to make immigration a state’s rights issue…doesn’t work.

Animatronic Huntsman mumbles something about homeland security.


Cain on energy independence…we need to move barriers out of the way…start with the EPA. Regulatory Reduction Commission. Put people on the commission who have been harmed by the EPA.

Santorum questions Ron Paul’s patriotism.

Update; Stacy McCain live blogs the debate from Tampa, Fla.

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