An Opinion Of The Debate And The Candidates

Phoebe has some thoughts on last night’s debate;

My opinion on the GOP Presidental Candidates

1.  Michelle Bachmann
Says, I, me and my more times than Obama.  She’s arrogant and tries to convince everyone that she invented the Tea Party much like Al Gore invented the internet.  Amazing that she calls herself a Patriot after she voted for the Patriot Act Extension.  Bachmann’s ideas are what we need, she has it right most of the time. It’s her personality I can’t stand.

2.  Hermann Cain
Some sound ideas.  Good sense of humor.  Running a pizza joint is far different than running a country.  He is used to getting people to do his bidding because he’s the boss, he won’t get Congress to do his bidding.  Doesn’t stand a chance.  As I’ve said before, Obama was a social experiment gone awry, no way will another black person be elected this soon, therefore it’s bye bye for Cain.  That is in no way a reflection of my views of blacks, it’s just a statement of fact and a reflection of societal views.

3.  Newt Gingrich
Highly intelligent and by far the most intelligent of the field.  Great sense of humor.  Besides his skeletons in the closet, he represents business as usual in Washinton and the people want to get away from that.  Doesn’t stand a chance.

4.  John Huntsman
Totally lacking personality.  Come on, seriously, do you really think you have a snowballs chance in hell?  Doesn’t stand a chance. Read more here>

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