Protesters #JumpingTheShark?

Bob at TCOTS has noticed the same phenomenon some of the rest of us has;

Of course, the professionals are now moving in and taking over. This is how the Totalitarians operate. We saw this most recently in Egypt the initial protests were organized by the youth of that nation, but The Muslim Brotherhood has now swept-in and taken control.

Based on my many years of study of the Left and how they operate, I’d say it highly likely that the organizers on the American Left, who I have been calling the puppet-masters, encouraged the people and groups who initially turned out for these protests from the background. They let them gather and do their thing [like cannon-fodder] and watched how the authorities would treat them and if such people as politicians and celebrities would express sympathy or outright support for them. When they saw that what they had created was good [in their godly eyes], they began the process that we see happening now: the unleashing of the ‘proper’ groups such as the Unions [the Useful Slightly-Less-Idiots] to join in ‘solidarity’ with the protesters. Make no mistake: this is an organized act.

It is very important to remember that the Leftist Elite believes that the path to power and control runs through the ruins of what is. The most effective way for them to get the kind of power they need, the Left believes, is to sow Chaos and destruction of existing institutions. What we initially dismissed as a ‘bunch of smelling Hippies’ worthy of our barbs is now, it is clear, an offensive operation by the barbarians at the gate.

Yes Bob, the left is finally showing us the cards they had up their sleeves all along.

BTW: Mark me: this will turn violent unless it’s crushed immediately.

Update 21:32; William over at the cove has some more analysis of this OWS shitstorm;

This was the thought I had a few days ago, that Democrats will be to blame when the violence comes, as I was chatting on a forum. We know it will. And we also know who will get hurt quickly, which will be small business owners, those same Main Street folks the protesters say they are in solidarity with. Their stores will be looted and destroyed as soon as the violence starts, like we saw in Europe. And here in America. A good example would be the World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle in 1999.

How will it start? Unsure. Possible due to an altercation between one of the dirty, smelly liberals and a shop owner who doesn’t want them coming in to his/her store, stinking it up, using the restroom, then purchasing nothing. Or, perhaps between a city official and the protesters, as the official tells them to clean their messes up. But, it will happen if this movement continues and spreads. Of that, we can be sure.

It could get bloody real quick if the protesters try something in the smaller rural towns where business owners are more likely to be armed and won’t put up with dirty, smelly hippies stinking up their place of business.

Update 23:29; From Conservatives On Fire;

If you thought the “Day of Rage” protestors on Wall Street was just a bunch of wing nuts looking for their fifteen minutes of fame, you better think again. These wing nuts are about to be joined by more and better organized class warfare warriors and it’s not  just Wall Street they plan to occupy; it’s Main Street across America that they plan to occupy.

Our Commander-in-Chief is marshalling his  class warfare warriors for one last-ditch effort to save his seat of power. This is shaping up to be a fight to the finish. Obama is not going to give up his dream to transform America into a socialist state and class warfare is his weapon of joice. He plans to fill the streets of America with his class warfare warriors from now until election day. This is how he intends to recreate the enthusiasm in his base and extend it to those who have lost faith.

These protest are not “organic” or spontaneous as some protestors and media are claiming. This has been well thought out, orchestrated and financed. Today, Yahoo News is carrying this AP story about the unions joining the protestors from New York to Seattle with marchers, money and other assets. Here are the opening two paragraphs; but I urge you to read the whole article to see just how serious the unions are.

From our friend Adrienne, who is of the opinion that this OWS protest deal is a setup from Obama to start riots and then declare martial law.

There’s been chatter for several years of a White House led insurrection in this country leading to martial law.  It sounded a bit hysterical at first, but recent events on Wall Street and in many other cities throughout the country, are sending a different message.

Unions are sending their thugs into the fray in support of the great unwashed (literally) screaming mobs of young people who want $20.00 an hour to push colored buttons at a McDonalds.  That demand alone speaks of how seriously deranged these losers are, because if you’re making such demands, why not $50.00 per hour?  Hell – let’s shoot for $100.00 per hour.

I recently subscribed to Glenn Beck TV.  He seems to have a pretty dire outlook about the whole movement, and is predicting widespread violence.  Like him or not, Glenn Beck is rarely wrong.

Since I live in an area where this sort of activity is not likely to happen, my position has been more of a proverbial shrugging of my shoulders and discounting this as just another annoyance that will go nowhere. Perhaps I’m like the Jews in Nazi Germany who “went along to get along” thinking that, “Surely this is as bad as it will get.”  They found out differently just how bad it can get and so may I.

Actually Adrienne, it’s closer to you than you might think. In this series of pictures is one of protesters in Boise, Idaho. I’m pretty darn sure none of my relatives are involved.

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