NY Protester Defecates On Police Car

Here’s a montage of pictures of protests from all over the country. Here’s the title picture. How ignorant is this guy. I bet his parents are so proud!

Look at all the trash. You don’t see this kind of crap after a Tea Party demonstration.

And an OWS protest where I would never have expected to see one, Boise, Idaho.

And a familiar face, if you are one of the very few who watched MSNBC or Al Fat Ass Gore’s new Current channel

H/T Drudge

Update 20:17; Paco has some fun with the defecating protester

Update 22:18; The not so Lonely Conservative has some thoughts on the ‘defecate r’.


4 thoughts on “NY Protester Defecates On Police Car

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  2. If most of demonstrations were not in NY, I would wonder why the police don’t arrest more of these people. Looks like they are breaking enough laws.

    In a way the demonstrations are appropriate. Wall Street helped Obama buy his election. Unfortunately, most Wall Street fat cats don’t live where they have to put up with the filthy protesters.

  3. Obama has opened a can of worms. It is our job to see that it multiplies and then comes back to smother him and his corruption. What a mess!
    PS The result of the socialism they teach in the government schools.

  4. Instead of noting that this image has been posted here or there (somehow lending legitimacy) let’s go straight to the source, Stefan Jeremiah. What interesting bits emerge. On his own web site he titles this image “Occupy Wall Street: Protester defecating on a Police Car.” Okay, so the source says this is an OWS protester. His evidence is that he feels like the man was from OWS, and that he’d seen the man sleeping in the park. Hmmmm. Well, is that evidence (I’m trying to get to the root of the facts.) Let’s see, OWS folks set up a place where people can sleep in the open. Is it possible that some random homeless folks would join in? The answer is of course yes. Hey, here’s a good spot, better than a back alley, and no one is asking for OWS ID. But wait, the story gets more interesting. So, I emailed Stefan, his reply is that he had no evidence that the man is part of OWS, and stated and I quote “Random dude shat on cop car.” His message made it clear he did not know if the man is part of OWS. Maybe yes, maybe no, but uncertainty is the fact.

    Then a real clincher: Let’s even say he aligned himself with OWS. So one guy does some stupid thing. So what? Is that representative of an entire group? Not really, unless you’re willing to say that because Newt had affairs on two wives, one of whom was in hospital when he gave her a letter to sign for divorce that therefore all Republicans are like that. Can’t have it both ways, and the source of the image now states he has no evidence of linkage. One person acting a certain way does not tar all members of a group with the same feather.

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