Blegging For Bloggers…Or Hey Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?

Several Bloggers in the Conservative Blogosphere are in dire need of some financial assistance.

First off, we have our good friend, the anti-jihad warrior, Zilla who is in need of some serious oral surgery. She would certainly appreciate your prayers and any spare cash you care to send her way.

Next we have Cynthia Yockey who’s elderly father was hit by the IRS at an inopportune time. She and her father could use our prayers and help.

The Conservative Commune is still looking for it’s first donation to their tip jar so they can keep bringing us all the news that’s fit to read.

And , The Other McCain is always looking for donations to his “freakin’ tip jar” so he can do his free lance Gonzo reporting from afield.

Of course, these aren’t the only bloggers who depend on donations to keep the news flowing. If you think the service they provide is worth reading, Hey Brother (or Sister),can you spare a Dime five or ten spot?

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