Cain Accusers Coming Out Of Woodwork Like Termites

I’m still on the fence about Herman Cain. But the latest news surrounding his campaign gives one pause for thought. Mr. Cain sort of hurt his credibility when first asked the question and hemmed and hawed around it instead of coming out forthrightly and forcefully telling the truth whether to deny it if it’s untrue, or own up to the deed. His initial hesitation leaves room for doubt about him in some people’s minds. Here’s an aggregation of others thoughts on this scandal;

Stacy of The Other McCain has been keeping up with the story here, here and here.

Bob over at The Camp Of The Saints has a bit to say as well as links and some advise;

There is a really strong stench that is starting to surround the accusations of sexual misadventure that have been made against Herman Cain.

One’s suspicions are raised by such things as these…

-From DaveO, commenting on a post by Stacy McCain:

1. First it was un-named sources with vague accusations of sexual harassment. Because of no names, and no specifics,

2. A named source (Bialek) with a specific accusation is brought forward. A woman who’d been fired for making a baseless accusation of sexual harassment, sought a private meeting with Cain to regain her job. Bialek is represented by Gloria Allred – the first clue that Bialek is less than a savory character in her own right. Because of that, we next see

3. A women, an Independent (who voted for Obama), who worked at US AID (part of the Department of State, which was shut down for gross financial mismanagement), makes the accusation that Cain had her act as his secretary: arranging private meetings with other women.

Cain did violate Rule #1 of dealing with women: never, ever meet with any woman alone/without witnesses (other than spouse). But what is getting lost to the sheep, and Ace [Of Spades], is how the attack on Cain is evolving to meet EVERY criticism. As Instapundit might say “unexpectedly.”

In this day and age, any man in a management position must never meet with a woman alone. If one needs to have a private meeting, it should be in a room with a window, through which other employees can clearly see what’s going on. Sadly, that is what is required to survive.

Richard McEnroe from Three Beers Later wonders;

So let me see what we seem to have here we seem to have a few answers now:

1.  She “reached out to Herman Cain on an employment matter.”  Questions: is this sort of matter one normally dealt with by the CEO of the National Restaurant Association?  What basis did she have for believing Cain would involve himself in this matter?   Did they have any sort of previous association?  What kind?  None of this was addressed, am I correct?

2.  Whose name was the suite in? Who paid for it?  Are there any records?

3.  Gloria Alred has been searching for a week for other “victims” of Herman Cain, according to Michelle Malkin.  By an astonishing coincidence, she finds ANOTHER previously undocumented victim from the same organization and the same time frame as the three previous alleged “victims”, and NOT from any of the periods in which Cain’s female associates praise and defend him, who comes up with another story that can ‘t even be checked, let alone verified.

4.  The client of Gloria Alred, an attorney who makes her living off sexual harassment and abuse cases, just happens to describe an offense that EXACTLY fits the criteria for legal sexual abuse.  (Way to go, coach!)

Dr. Helen, the better half of Instapundit, is disappointed in Andrew Claven’s latest post;

And yes, it’s unfair. But there’s a reason it’s unfair—a reason it should be unfair. There’s a reason we right wingers vet our candidates while the left adulates theirs, a reason we condemn our miscreants while the left elevates theirs, a reason our news outlets cover stories that the left covers up.

The reason is: we’re the good guys. We have to do what’s right. The left doesn’t. Sorry, but that’s the way it works. It’s the price you pay for defending what’s true and good, the price of holding yourself to a high moral standard. Our politicians have to be better than their politicians. Our journalists have to be more honest. Even our protesters have to behave with decorum and decency—and still suffer being slandered—while theirs can act like animals and commit acts of violence and lawlessness and spew anti-semitic filth and still find themselves excused and glorified…

Herman Cain is going to have to run the gauntlet, not just of a racist and dishonest left that wants to destroy him but of a fair-minded and decency-loving right that wants him to come fully clean and let the voters decide how we should proceed. The fight for truth, liberty and morality requires sacrifice and self-examination. The self-righteous quest for power over others does not.

The world is just as unfair as you think it is. You’ll never catch the devil hanging on a cross.

Bullshit. What Klavan is advocating is political suicide. He might as well have taken his playbook from Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals where Alinsky’s fourth rule is “Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. You can kill them with this…”

And William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection tells us that the latest accuser has some issues;

Others also are coming to Cain’s defense, via Backyard Conservative, a prominent Chicago radio host says Bialek has “a history,” suggesting that Bialek had a history of prior allegations and suggesting that “the roles may have been reversed” in the car as to who was the aggressor based on her past conduct.  It’s vague, filled with innuendo, and based on anonymous sources.  In other words, it’s what Politico did to Cain non-stop for a week.

Also, Chicago newspapers are reporting on Bialek’s substantial financial and legal problems.

Update 21:30; Fran Porretto echos my thoughts on this situation Herman Cain finds himself in and gives an example of what Mr. Cain should have said from  the start;

However, Cain has been far less than impressive in his responses. So the accusations, even though they’re flimsier than flimsy, are having the desired effect: they’re derailing the Cain Train and thus removing from contention the worst imaginable threat to the Democrats come 2012: a black conservative at the top of the Republican ticket.

The proper way to respond to an unsubstantiated allegation is to counterattack, as fiercely as possible. Here’s an example of the sort of statement Cain should have made to the journalists badgering him about these matters:

Just how low are you supposed gentlemen of the press planning to sink? Of my four supposed victims, three refuse to come forward with their allegations, which leaves me with nothing to refute. Worse, they accepted money to shut up and drop their claims, which suggests that their motives back when were a good deal less than pure. As for the National Restaurant Association’s handling of those accusations, I was informed of them only after they’d been settled — a pretty strange position for the president of the association to be in, when he’s the sole focus of the thing.And this Sharon Bialek! Really, gentlemen! Have you acquainted yourselves with her record of sexual-harassment lawsuits against innumerable other men? You just have to file a request with the Chicago Clerk of the Court, you know. Have you asked Bialek or anyone else if she made any claims about my supposed misbehavior back when it supposedly happened? Have you asked why she’s hired a high-profile militant-feminist lawyer when she’s not planning to sue? Have you asked where this single mother of a thirteen-year-old child, with no husband and no visible means of support, has acquired the means to hire that expensive lawyer?

In short: Are you still reporters, or have you all decided to become gossip columnists instead? If the latter, I have to tell you that Liz Smith is still in business.

Such a response would generate enough of a counterblast to preserve Cain’s credibility and set his attackers back on their heels. But he’s failed to respond thus, and the window of opportunity for recovering the initiative in that fashion is near to closing.




4 thoughts on “Cain Accusers Coming Out Of Woodwork Like Termites

  1. Herman Cain [in his presser today] refers to the “Democratic machine”…

    Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if Newt or the Rickster or HEAVEN HELP US” …. Willard “mittens”…him ownself…

    That leaked the original innuendos…Hehehe…!

    Richard McEnroe from Three Beers Later wonders ~~~ “…The client of Gloria Alred, an attorney who makes her living off sexual harassment and abuse cases, just happens to describe an offense that EXACTLY fits the criteria for legal sexual abuse. (Way to go, coach!)”blockquote

    Well Dick McEnroe…More power to Ms Alred… “Dicky Mc”…

    Ms Alred, does the LORD’s WORK…in defending women against harassment and sexual abuse…!

  2. Isn’t it odd that of all the places Cain ever worked, the the only complaints are coming from his brief three year stint with the restaurant association? From ladies with a Chicago connection?

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