Sideline The MSM…GOP Debates On Conservative Blogs

Smitty from TOM has a stellar idea for the folks who complain about the MSM’s lack of coverage of lower tier candidates. Perhaps some of the bigger Conservative bloggers could hold their own debate and invite the lower tier candidates to debate on internet live streams.

There is substantial butt-hurt in the blogs about how how candidates X, Y, and Z are getting short shrift (is there any other kind?) in the debates. If we are capitalists, and presidential debates are a marketplace of information about candidates, then why is the purported demand for more face-time for Santorum, Bachmann, Paul, and Huntsman not being met by more events like the Texas Patriots PAC?

The major reasons I can think of are:

  • Candidate schedules are too full,
  • There is not deemed sufficient legitimate interest,
  • Evil forces of the 1% are scheming away in the Dark Nexus of Communism (DNC) to ensure the weakest horse wins the GOP nomination.

But so, what? Given the low bar set by modern internet technology, why don’t we get some of the ‘second-tier’ candidates to discuss ideas and policies? Sure, the ability to attract eyeballs for a whole hour of streamed debate is going to be low, but the chance to chew on some harder topics at length would be welcome. Campaigns could derive fistfuls of short clips that would help get Americans talking about something more substantial than the latest random charges against candidate X.

What say ye?

4 thoughts on “Sideline The MSM…GOP Debates On Conservative Blogs

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