South Florida, Here I come, Ready Or Not! #Rule5

As my loyal readers know, I go off to Florida every year to sell Christmas Trees. Well, it’s that time of year again and tomorrow’s the day. So posting will be light for the next few weeks.

I will try and post pictures and a brief synopsis of what we’re doing as we go along. As a reward for your patience, here’s a little Rule 5;

<a href="“>

So please visit the fine folks on my blog roll, especially my incredibly smart wife, Phoebe.

9 thoughts on “South Florida, Here I come, Ready Or Not! #Rule5

  1. Thank you dear!

    I was going to scold you for playing dirty but since you called me incredibly smart I’m guilted into not doing it.

    For those of you reading this, we have a view race, I’m trying to pass him, but every time I get close he pulls out a Rule 5 and upsets any gains I’ve made. I need to pull out a little Rule 7 and you girls all know what Rule 7 is. 😉

  2. Pheebs – I’ll do my part to up your stats. Nothing personal, Mr. G. Us girlies have to stick together.

    Have fun in Florida (just not too much fun!) Pheebs and I will think of something to do while you’re gone. heh

  3. I’d comment that the lady in the video probably shouldn’t be wearing open-toed shoes with hot brass flying everywhere, but that would be truly nit-picking.

    Good luck in your business ventures, Mike. Don’t let Christmas Tree taxes get you down.

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