#Smitty Makes A Great Catch #tcot

Shorter Jay Cost: ‘Politics Is Not A Spectator Sport’.

Smitty of The Other McCain makes a great catch, snagging this article out of the ether and bringing it to our attention- From Jay Cost of the Weekly Standard;

Jay Cost in The Weekly Standard:

So, here’s the question of the day: why can’t the party of Reagan ever seem to nominate a Reaganite?
My answer: because conservative Republicans are not actually in control of their own party. Though they are its animating force – they give it policy ideas to implement, they turn out regularly to support the party in good times and bad, they advocate the party and its ideology to their friends, neighbors, and relatives – they are not in charge, and have not been since the 1970s (arguably the 1920s, but that’s another story altogether).

And here is Smitty’s opinion of the piece and I wholeheartedly concur;

Concur with Bill:

It also leads me to the conclusion that we either change the party, or change parties.

Whether you keep the GOP or illegally harvest its elephant tusks, the point is that people have to participate. The effort required to scale a political party is non-trivial, or efforts like the Constitution Party would have more headlines. Which is why the Tea Parties have sought to change the GOP.

After Mitt’s concession speech (words which I’ll either weep over, or eat) there may be enough political will to Do Something, given charismatic leadership, e.g. Palin.

via Daily Pundit

I think these sentiments go hand in hand with this video by Judge Napalitano,  shamelessly stolen from Phoebe’s;

What do you think?

Update; The Rio Norte Line also caught this and their response is here and here.

8 thoughts on “#Smitty Makes A Great Catch #tcot

    • Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I was in Florida working and didn’t have much time to read any of my favorite bloggers, of which RNL is one.

      Appreciate the visit and comment also.

      Mike G.

      • Mike,

        No worries, my friend. Had it not been for you, here, I would likely have NOT watched the judge’s piece. I saw it on the RNL, but skipped over it for some reason, so I am in debt to you and your blog.

        As for the post I linked you to, I would point out that I am in a standing dispute with the majority of those on the RNL over this issue. Utah, particularly, doesn’t seem to place much merit in the idea that there is one Party acting as two. I, on the other hand, find that it is the ONLY theory that can easily explain the majority of what I see happen in the political world without having to create elaborate conspiracy theories and a web of contradictions. Experience tells me that the simplest is usually the best explanation so, for me, the judge explains something to his viewers I’ve suspected for some time now.



  1. Joe,

    We’ve also believed this for a long time. I’ve mentioned a book by John A. Stormer, “None Dare Call It Treason”, before which although written in 1964, is clearly connecting the dots from the start of the Fabians back in the 1880’s up to his present time and it pretty much mapped out what you wrote in your article and what the Judge said in his video.

    The Progressives have just started moving a little faster now and they think the end is in sight, although more and more Americans are wakening up to the fact that something stinks in Washington and it isn’t the swamplands around the Potomac.

    Have a good ‘n,


    • What has been puzzling me for some time now is how self-evident this is IF you are looking with your eyes open. So why is it so many otherwise intelligent people are missing this? I did a short search on Amazon and it seems that MANY people have done some solid research work into this issue, from ALL sides of the political isle. And – so far – no one has done anything but attack the person, never the argument. In my world, the world of logic, that’s usually a solid indication that you have stumbled upon the truth. So why, if so many “claim” to be the more rational in politics, do so many on the right refuse to see what the left already knows?

      Serious question. I’m thinking maybe you have some answers as I certainly don’t.

  2. Well Joe,

    I don’t have any answers, just questions like you do. I’m just a layman. What I know has been learned from the school of hard knocks, got a PHD in that, and by reading.

    And you’re right, it’s always the messenger who is attacked, never the message.

    Have a good ‘n,

    Mike G.

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