It’s Wreck A Righty Day… More On #Feminism

Ann Althouse  continues the pummeling of feminism by the Conservative blogosphere the last couple of days in her latest article today. The gist of the article is a statement made by Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey about jobs. Somehow, the feminist journalist from Slate construed his remark as being a joke about oral sex.

Here’s an excerpt;

What a joke! Christie — responding to hecklers who used the words “going down” in connection with jobs — said: “You know, something may be going down tonight, but it ain’t going to be jobs, sweetheart.” Torie Bosch calls this “an offensive oral sex joke” and acts amazed that Christie put video of it on his YouTube site as if he were “proud” of it “rather than recognizing it as flagrantly demeaning, even misogynistic.”

Now, obviously, the words “going down” mean happening, especially when the subject of the verb isn’t a person and when there’s no object preceded by the word “on.” That is, to refer to oral sex, he would have something closer to “somebody‘s going down on something tonight.” Moreover, if one were inclined to make an oral sex joke when the word “jobs” is already in the mix, you’d jape about “jobs.” Going down? Oh, there will be some going down tonight, and there will be jobs, maybe not the kind of jobs you want, but there will be jobs.

If Christie wanted to make a blow-job joke, he’d make a much better blow-job joke. The joke here is Bosch. If Bosch were not already a joke at this point, it would be easy to make a joke about Bosch. Wordplay is easy when your name means “nonsense.”

Basically, Miss Althouse slapped this particular feminist upside the head whilst defending Feminism as an honorable institution. I just don’t see how you can equate what Susan B. Anthony and others of her time did for women with what the “Feminist Movement” is doing today. As Stacy McCain said, it’s not fungible.

Update; Smitty over at TOM has put his two cents worth into the fray over Governor Chris Christie’s recent “sexist” remark;

Whatever nobility feminism may have once enjoyed or may yet again, Bosch is playing to Gustave le Bon, whose main points are that shaping the mob is about being loud and being first. Pull the facts out of any orifice of convenience.

Once Postmodernism gave up on the Truth as such, or any fear of judgement for this sort of hellish distortion, the only thing remaining was raw hunger for power. Someone like a Bosch need only land a bit of stench on Christie to be effective. Even a discounted story is still a lodestone about the neck, or my name isn’t Herman Cain. Funny how these sexual abuse allegations vanished in a puff of pure pettifoggery once he departed the Presidential race. As though the allegations, and our court system in general, was merely a device for control[…]

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of Christie, but he is fun to listen to when he gets a Lefty bone in his teeth and starts shaking his head back and forth, eh?


2 thoughts on “It’s Wreck A Righty Day… More On #Feminism

  1. Chris Christie… gets personal with female hecklers…

    I’m surprised … Willard Mittens kept laughing…?

    Governor Christie: “…Something May Go Down Tonight, But It Ain’t Going To Be Jobs Sweetheart…”

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