What Hath Radical Feminism Wrought?

Smitty of The Other McCain made an observation this morning after quoting Cassandra from Villainous Company;

I’m far more in agreement with Cassandra over at Villainous Company, emphasis original:

Wow. Just wow. Six dead and 29 missing in a tragic accident that (so far as I can see) is attributable to the cowardice, negligence, and poor example of the captain and crew – note carefully: to *some* men, not *all* men – and the reaction is, “Up yours, feminists/women – you got what you deserved”?
If a little boy is elbowed aside by an able bodied man and drowns as a result, has he “reaped what he sowed”? Alternate form of the implied argument is, “It’s not the man’s fault – those horrid feminists and their mind control rays made him do it!” Allow me to riff on the ubiquitous Heinlein quote:
Any society that allows morality to be defined down to the lowest common denominator will not long survive.

The morality of the crew members is between them and the Almighty. What is going to matter is that they have behaved unethically in abandoning their duties. The Admiralty Court, affectionately known as “the long green table” is one of the closer brushes you can have with the judgement seat of God while continuing to draw breath. They’ll build a timeline and rake those Italians over coals in slow motion, pointing out every single error of training, maintenance, and judgement. Or not; maybe the Italian court is as capsized as the Costa Concordia herself, but I doubt it. The amount of money involved in crewing, maintaining, and operating ships is such that they are Just. Not. Fannying. About.

I also especially like this  paragraph;

In contrast to the radical feminists.

We enjoy tossing the entire Postmodern exercise in idiocy that is radical feminism under the bus around this blog, and then backing up over it several times, just to test the steering. Radical feminism is so risible that it really serves no use other than mockery. Trying to hang any sort of excuse on these bimbos is an act of auto-beclownment.

Here is a comment by Pathfinder’s Wife that pretty much sums it up. Read especially the last sentence and think about it;

It wasn’t just the feminists that created this mess — sorry, but a lot of men were more than happy to go along for the free love and the no commitment thing (after all, that’s a young man’s dream isn’t it?  being a man is a responsibility and work, and sometimes you fail and get called on it — this released them too, now didn’t it?).

Women were stupid to have let this go from “equal in the eyes of our Creator, equal in the eyes of the law” (which is the only amount of equality anyone is lucky to get) to this other crap;both men and women sold their souls to have a little dirty fun (aka. we don’t have to act like adults all the time anymore, yippeee!).
Now both are bitching because it has essentially ruined the society they live in, ruined them personally as well, or their families.  But instead of being rational about it, many are just swinging back in the opposite direction — sheer reactionary will and passions; it won’t turn out well.

We owe our children many apologies, and we do not deserve any forgiveness for what we have done to them (and are still doing).

Then the resident radical feminist basher of TOM, Stacy, jumps on the band wagon and expounds a little further;

A deference to feminism has taken hold that is almost never noticed: Anyone who writes about feminism except to praise it is presumed to be ill-motivated, and even most critics of feminism feel obligated to soften their crtiticisms by including disavowals of any intent to condone “discrimination.” But if we cannot discriminate between men and women — if we cannot say that male and female are distinct qualities involving differences significant enough to deserve recognition and accommodation — we are forced into maintaining the pretense of a phony “equality” that exists only in the minds of ideological fanatics.

And what no one can ever say is that feminism is an ideology of selfishness, which tells women that their ambitions, their desires and their grievances are more important than those of men. By embracing feminism, a woman becomes entitled (at least in  her own mind) to deferential favoritism, with an entire political/legal movement standing ready to unleash hell on any poor bastard who dares dispute her “right” to anything she covets.

And then, the piece de resistance of the article is the last paragraph;

The appropriate answer to this ridiculous ideology is not a counter-ideology; we do not need a “man’s movement.” Rather the appropriate answer is to expose feminism as the dangerous folly it is, and to show courage in doing so. Too many men are afraid to denounce feminism directly and comprehensively, and the scent of fear only incites the feminists to more furious attacks. But let us acquit ourselves as men, and not abandon ship like Capt. Francesco Schettino.

What a fine screed against the scourge of Mankind, radical feminism.

Before I married the love of my life, I used to date a feminist,( I know, what the hell was I thinking, right?), and she used to get so upset at the littlest things. One thing that always set her off was when I’d open a door to a building or her car door for her. “I’m perfectly capable of opening the damn door myself”, she’d say. That lasted about six months…thank God I came to my senses.

Why do some women get so pissed off that a man would treat them like a lady.

Update; Bob Belvedere of TCOTS has a much better take on the story than I. Here’s an excerpt;

He was inspired to write the essay after reading Smitty’s post of early this morning on the same subject, wherein he seems to be saying that, if the Captain and part of his crew are to blame, it is through their individual failings as Human Beings [please correct me if I’m wrong, Chris].

I do see these cowards as symbolic. They are the products of Leftism and their actions are the result of a lifetime’s worth of constant indoctrination into Leftist Thinking. And Feminism, which is a subset of Leftism, therefore, is only partly to blame.

The Triumph Of Leftism via it’s successful marches through all of our institutions has led to the men of The West spending their whole lives being told in every venue that they are not positive contributors to Society, that they are inherently Evil and possessed of a strong desire to impose patriarchy, that they contribute nothing unique to Society ― this is the Feminist part of the Triumph. The other factions of the Left have also been at work, telling both males and females that there is no Absolute Truth, that we may have evolved, but we have never overcome being ultimately animals, that individual Human Life does not mean much because the Collective is all, that Free Will is probably a myth [that one’s getting pushed more and more these days], that Traditions mean nothing, and that Reason is definitely a myth.

The Captain and those of his men who failed to do their duty must be punished to the full extent of the law [one hopes that Italy will hang the Captain], but we must also recognize that they are the products of the vile disease called Leftism which has devastated more lives than all of the outbreaks of The Black Plague through-out history combined.

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