John King Of CNN Opens Debate With Stupid Question


Stacy McCain live blogged the debate from Charleston whilst I just followed and tweeted it as I watched the live stream on

As far as who won…Newt made a good showing. Santorum seemed hateful and vindictive. Romney sounded like Obama at times with all his stuttering on tough questions. But Ron Paul might have come out as the big winner because he wasn’t on the defensive like the other three candidates and was more articulate tonight than I’ve ever seen him. Wonder if he’s been practicing?

John King of CNN opened the debate by questioning Newt Gingrich on revelations by his second ex-wife. Newt deftly deflected the question by questioning King’s intelligence. The other candidates followed suit and slammed King for his faux paux. What a way to start the evening’s festivities, eh?

One thought on “John King Of CNN Opens Debate With Stupid Question

  1. I agree with you. Ron Paul was very, very good last night. I thought he was the best. But I can understand — and he admitted this last night — how he sometimes has communication issues. I think the biggest problem is that he doesn’t give soundbytes (like the others), but actual history and facts and this seems to elude a lot of people. I don’t even know if I communicated what I’m trying to say!

    Wish I could’ve seen that ex-wife interview…..

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