South Carolina …Election Day… 1-21-12 Live Coverage

Good morning,  I’m Mike and, along with my Wife network, Phoebe will be providing live coverage of the South Carolina GOP Primary Election 2012.

Today in Upstate South Carolina it is currently 45 degrees, rainy and gloomy, strong thunderstorms expected throughout the morning, possibly resulting in lower than usual voter turnout.

In 2008 my county voted McCain by a small margin over Huckabee in the primary.

Polls are open and will remain open until 7 pm.

We will now have a coverage blackout until such time as we have news to report.  Be sure to check in often for your election coverage updates.

We will now have a coverage blackout until such time as we have news to report.  Be sure to check in often for your election coverage updates.

11am THIS JUST IN:   County is seeing low turnout as strong thunderstorms move thru the area.

Update; My unscientific poll conducted at the cafe this morning, has Newt ahead by a large margin with Gingrich garnering 75% and Ron Paul receiving 25%.

Update 12:35: CNBC Exit poll has Gingrich by 14% over Romney, no news on how Ron Paul is doing.

Update 1:35: From PJMedia, we have a video from Charleston of some voters coming out of the polls. This video is an exclusive from PJTV. Thanks to them for sharing it with us;

Roger and I visited Precinct 1, in the shadow of Ft. Sumter, to see how today’s primary voting is shaping up. Well before noon today, 240 voters had made their choices in the precinct. On our way in, we caught up with an undecided voter as he made up his mind. Watch the video to find out whom he and a few of his neighbors voted for.

Update 3:10 : Well, We went and did our civic duty. I voted for Ron Paul because of his domestic policy. I don’t agree with his views on foreign policy, although there are some aspects that appeal to me, such as wanting to bring a lot of our troops home and concentrating more on national defense.

Later, we’re taking our man on the street to a local diner to see if we can get some commentary from fellow diners. It should be interesting, if we can get some folks to talk to us.

Update 4:50: From Smitty of TOM, a link to a journalist on the ground in Columbia, SC;

Leahy at Bearing Drift reports from South Carolina:

I was out of the political loop for a spell yesterday and so missed Bob McDonnell’s arrival in the state to stump alongside Mitt Romney in what appears to be, and feels like, a spectacular collapse in support for the former Massachusetts Governor. Romney, who was leading by double figures just a week ago now admits he could lose today.
A thoroughly unscientific poll I took of a group of Columbia residents on McDonnell’s visit and endorsement drew a surprisingly uniform response: “Who is Bob McDonnell?”
Even after I explained who Bob was, and how Romney had once said he he would make a good vice presidential pick, I got shrugs in return.
Sorry Bob, South Carolina just isn’t that into you. Or at least not yet.

Read the whole, interesting thing. If Newt takes SC, that means that we have three winners across the first three states. Santorum, it could be argued, should have won Iowa by a much bigger margin, if not for eight mysteriously vanished precincts. Not That The Fix Was In, mind you.

It doesn’t look like Ron Paul will make a fourth winner in as many states on 31 January in Florida. Northern Cuba seems interested in the dark haired version of Charlie Crist.

Call me perverted, but I think all of this competition is a Good Thing. Voters need to realize that we’re looking for a human being as a presidential candidate, no some kind of savior. They all, uniquely, suck. Have your say, get your opinion out and your vote in, then stand by to shelve the emotions and get that GOP nominee elected.

Also good: Romney staying with the debates. They appeal to my finely honed sense of masochism.

Update 7:02 : Stacy is live in Charleston and will be updating as the evening goes along. According to Fox news, Gingrich is the winner, Mitt in second and Santorum and Paul fighting for third place.

The polls just closed and we are at Mark Clark Hall on the campus of the Citadel, where Rick Santorum will have his Primary Night celebration. Santorum today said he would be pleased with a third-place finish and would definitely stay in the race through the Jan. 31 Florida primary.

Fox News declared Newt Gingrich the winner here the minute the polls at 7 p.m. and apparently, the questions now are (a) what Gingrich’s margin of victory will be, and (c) whether Santorum will beat Ron Paul for third place.


Here’s a sampling exit poll via twitter;

Exit polls numbers per @CNN: Gingrich 38%, Romney 29%, Santorum 17%, Paul 15%

Another update at Phoebe’s;

And here’s our very friendly, outgoing waitress,  Amy Stehle,  she forcefully insisted that I post her last name.  :D    She always greets us as we come in the door with big Hello and a bigger smile.  I won’t say who she’s huggin’ on but he’d better wipe that grin off his face.

I aint wipin’ nothin’ off. 😉

Update; Romney gives concession speech at 8:00 PM

Funny thing, social and moral issues only pulled single digits in exit polling. Goes to show that “It’s the economy stupid!”

Update: Erick Erickson from Red State has this about the race in South Carolina and the way forward;

Newt Gingrich’s rise has a lot to do with Newt Gingrich’s debate performance. But it has just as much to do with a party base in revolt against its thought and party leaders in Washington, DC. The base is revolting because they swept the GOP back into relevance in Washington just under two years ago and they have been thanked with contempt ever since.

Adding insult to injury, the party and thought leaders now try to foist on the base a milquetoast moderate from Massachusetts. Newt Gingrich can thank Mitt Romney and more for the second look he is getting. Base hostility will now be exacerbated by Mitt Romney’s backers now undoubtedly making a conscious effort to prop up Rick Santorum to shut down Newt Gingrich.

Consider, before going below the fold, that this is the first time non-Romney ads against Romney have been at parity with Mitt Romney. And that parity caused a rapid erosion of support for Mitt Romney. Parity in advertising, not superiority to Romney, was all it took to begin the end of his South Carolina dominance.

People are mad as hell they are about to be stuck with another boring, moderate, uninspiring choice that has at best a 50/50 shot at losing to the worst president since Carter. They are flocking to Newt not because they think he’s a great guy, but because right now, he’s the only one fighting for conservatism and GOP voters are looking for a vessel to channel their anger with Obama and their complete disappointment with the GOP establishment which is now embodied perfectly by Romney. They want a conservative fighter because most conservatives look back at Ford, Reagan, Bush, Dole, Bush, and McCain and see only the ones taking a conservative path against the Democrats actually winning.

Trump was a flash in the pan last year, but it was because he took the fight to Obama. And all of the others (Bachmann, Perry, Cain, etc) got their rise because at the time voters sensed they would fight back with them. If nothing else, in the last year, Newt has proven he won’t wilt like Mitt did yesterday under pretty basic questioning from Laura Ingraham or a month ago under routine questioning from Brett Baier.

Newt has taken the worst the media, Romney and the left can dish out, and he’s still standing and fighting with passion and eloquence. Sure, he’d probably be an erratic President, but right now Republican voters don’t care about his Presidency. They care about the fight with the left both Mitt Romney, and the Washington Republican leaders like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell don’t seem inclined to engage in.

In every way in the last two weeks, Romney has signaled he won’t fight for the base. He looks like a lost child when trying to answer the taxes issue. He couldn’t stand up to Santorum in the debate. He sounds every bit like Gordon Gekko, not Milton Friedman, when he talks Bain and free markets.

Basically, today’s vote is about Republican grassroots giving the Washington Republican establishment the finger. The base is angry, and right now, only Newt is left to fight for them, as imperfect as he is. We may still end up with Romney, but voters aren’t going to let him have it easily.

Party leaders who have invested so much in Mitt Romney might want now to ride on to a brokered convention and find someone acceptable to everyone. Because this most divisive and bitter primary in years is going to wipe out the GOP’s chances to win in November. And while few of the Romney advocates of the past four years will admit it, it is because they have tried to foist onto the base a milquetoast moderate from Massachusetts as energizing to conservatives as a dead battery.

Consider this related post by Ben Domenech a must read on this subject.

Seems to me like Mr. Erickson is still wishing for someone to come riding in out of the sunset to carry the Conservative flag to Washington D.C. His latest article isn’t exactly a fiery endorsement for Newt Gingrich.


8 thoughts on “South Carolina …Election Day… 1-21-12 Live Coverage

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  3. Funny post! I wish people could explain their votes better, but the undecided guy demonstrated the problem. Lots of people don’t go much deeper than the debates.

    Phoebe – Holding onto my dreams? You have seen the competence we show in selecting them. Don’t you find it strange that anyone would invest their dreams in a politician. Yet some people do. I am just surprised you would accuse me a such foolishness.

    Obama, oddly, has provided some remedial therapy. With such an obvious display of a rapacious desire for power, he has convinced quite few people not to invest their dreams in politicians, but that obviously was an unintended consequence.

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