And Another Blow To GloBull Warming Theory

Via TOM Live at five;

From Don Surber:

Remember how the United Nations through its International Panel on Climate Change reported in its Nobel Prize-winning report that the glaciers on the Himalayas would melt  by 2035? Even though skeptics forced the IPCC to admit two years ago that it lied, lazy journalists keep spreading this propaganda.From Der Spiegel on October 30, 2011:

Glaciers are shrinking worldwide — some of them rapidly. Now Chinese researchers have sounded the alarm in their country too, where they say warmer weather and increased precipitation are reducing the size of glaciers. Water shortages and floods could result…

“In a time period of between 10 and 20 years the increased glacier melt threatens to cause floods,” Swiss glaciologist Wilfried Haeberli told SPIEGEL ONLINE. “This could also subsequently lead to dry periods in India, for example.” These risks don’t just threaten the Himalaya region, he said, but other regions around the world, including the Alps in Europe. “The study confirms the global tendency that is clearly moving toward higher temperatures and receding glaciers,” he added.

There are some 24,488 glaciers that spread across the mountains of southwestern China, which includes the the Himalayas and the Nyainqntanglha, Tanggula and Hengduan mountains. Together they make up an area of almost 30,000 square kilometers (12,000 square miles). Read more here>

Don’t ya know Don, that we’re not supposed to question our “betters” at the UN IPCC? If real scientists keep refuting all the bull spewed forth by the so called “scientists” in the employ of the UN, they won’t be as able to promote their Agenda 21 Bio diversity project.


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