Completed The CWP Course Today…WhoooHooo

Dear wife and I took our Concealed Weapon Permit class today. They had a Valentine’s Day special… after all… nothing says Love like going to the range with the love of your life and shooting off 200 rounds of ammunition at silhouette targets.

Not my qualifying target...this is at the gun range at 25 yards.


We had extremely windy conditions at the school today. When I say extreme wind, I mean we had winds of 25 mph with gusts up to 40 mph. The target stands were tipping over at times from the wind and some targets were torn or ripped from the target stands. Still, I managed to qualify at 100% and dear wife qualified at 92%. Pretty good considering the conditions.

To qualify, you start with ten rounds at three yards, then ten at five yards, moving out to seven yards and finishing up at ten yards and fifteen yards,( Most defensive shooting will be closer than seven yards.), but the state rules decree that you must qualify at the longer distances, too.

There were four other couples taking the course, plus a single guy and two single women. We also had two guys who let their CWP’s lapse and had to take the course over again.

Now we just have to send our fingerprints and forms off to SLED and wait three months to get our permits. Me and my wife also opted to send off for the Florida permit, since I travel to Florida every year. The SC CWP allows us to carry in 24 other states legally…with the addition of Florida, we can carry legally in 34 states. Alaska and Vermont require no permits. Personally, I think the other 48 states should follow Alaska and Vermont’s lead.

There’s nothing quite like going to the gun range and putting holes in targets with hand gun or rifle. And it’s something the whole family can enjoy as long as you teach your children proper gun safety.

Constitutional gun control means a four inch group at seven yards.

All in all, a good experience and we learned a lot.



6 thoughts on “Completed The CWP Course Today…WhoooHooo

  1. Oh great, just what we need is another liberal wussie that believes that guns kill people.

    Guns don’t kill people, people kill people, a gun is just a tool like the knife that a husband used to kill his wife at Walmart less than 30 miles away from us. If there had been a concealed weapon holder there she would be alive and he would be dead.

    Deadly force can only be used when someone is threatening to cause you or someone else harm, so how is that less safe, except for the criminals of course.

  2. mikeb302000 – Anti-gun nuts hold an inherently self-contradictory position. Without the use of force, how do you intend to stop people from possessing firearms? And if you use force (which, of course, you must) what kind force is involved? Guns, right? Therefore, in order to stop people from owning and carrying firearms, you, Mr. mikeb302000, advocate shooting them.

  3. Arizona and Wyoming also do not require permits for their residents to carry a concealed firearm within their respective states.

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