Van Jones Is A Communist Clown

Smitty of TOM says what most Americans already believe…Van Jones, former Obama administration “Green” Czar, is an unAmerican Communist and doesn’t have the best interests of most Americans in mind.

Reading the puff piece by The San Fransisco Chronicle, one would think that Jones was the next coming of Teh One.

He wants a Millionaire’s tax and thinks that that will embolden the young Democratic base. Van Jones also thinks that idiots that bought more house than they could afford should be given special help from American tax payers.

Yep, he’s about as Communist as they come.

2 thoughts on “Van Jones Is A Communist Clown

  1. Jones has made no secret of his ideology, but it would be a mistake for people to dismiss him as a clown. He is anything but, and we had better be prepared to deal with this man and those who are supporting him.

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