Occupy The East Lawn March 24, 2012 To Repeal ObamaCare

Smitty gives an invitation. It’s short and there’s an aerial map, so I’ll copy and paste it in full;

by Smitty

Title alludes to Daily Pundit’s alternative suggestion for naming this blog. I like ‘The McCain Mutiny’, but once you’ve been indexed by Google, you don’t want to go making changes.

By the same token, once you’ve been annexed by the Progressive Borg, it gets very hard to undo. Which makes this:

The Road to Repeal Rally will take place on the East Lawn of the Capitol, right across the street (1st St NE) from the Supreme Court Building. The rally will begin at 12pm noon and will conclude at 2pm. Speakers and Coalition Partners to be announced soon.

. . .of paramount importance.

Let’s bring it, and in quantity. One can reasonably expect #OccupyResoluteDesk’s little henchmen to make mischief and mockery of law-abiding exercise of the 1st Amendment. But, more to the point, anyone who can needs to ensure that, irrespective of the outcome, they did the most they could to save the republic.

Road to Repeal


Sure would be nice to go to this patriotic shindig, but right now, work is more important if one hasn’t had any for a while. The best I can do is try and get the word out for any one else who has the wherewithal to go.


3 thoughts on “Occupy The East Lawn March 24, 2012 To Repeal ObamaCare

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