Links To A Sad Occasion… #AndrewBreitbart

A link around to remembrances of Andrew Breitbart;

Phoebe tells us Breitbart was on hios way home from a bar after arguing politics with other patrons

The Other McCain gives us a glimpse of the real man, Andrew Breitbart.

Instapundit has a whole list of links.

Bob Belvedere of TCOTS has some thoughts

The Lonely Conservative has a guest post with Joseph Hall remembering Andrew.

The Daley Gator brings us another link around to comments and articles about what Breitbart meant to them and the Conservative movement.

My good friend, John Doe has posted some tweets from the Leftist Loons who celebrate the passing of a great Conservative Icon.

Of course, Andrew Breitbart’s body isn’t even cold yet and people are coming out of the woodwork excoriating his methods of getting news. Maggie has this little tidbit from Shepard Smith of Fox News.

IOTW has a link to Big Government .com

Jerry of Goldfish and Clowns has some thoughts.

Aaron of Eternity Road put his tuppence in.

Film Ladd, a friend of Andrew tells of a twitter fight they had a couple of years ago about changing Hollywood.

The Evil Blogger Lady gives condolences to the family.

Dan Collins over at the Conservative Commune gives us a personal story about his history with Andrew Breitbart.

My friend Bob over at Boudica weblog has a video remembering Breitbart.

Adrienne has a memorial to Andrew

One of my friends over at The Rio Norte Line wrote a little song about Andrew. He is of the liberal bent, but not a bad guy and the lyrics are pretty good.

From The Right has their radio show about Breitbart tonight, plus you can listen to it later as a podcast.

6 thoughts on “Links To A Sad Occasion… #AndrewBreitbart

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  4. Thanks for the cross-link, Mr. Gguy. BTW, Lawrence O’Donnell just gave a moving tribute to Breitbart, with whom he was friendly off the air, on The Last Word, his show on MSNBC .

    Another BTW, I plan to waste my purple finger on a vote for Gary Johnson. I’m not on the same page as Black3actual and Utahprez, but they now have me reading from the same book.

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