Journalistic Integrity Lacking In MSM…Say It Aint So Joe!

Stacy McCain brings a story to press about a “reporter” for the Fishwrap NY Times who asked a question of GOP candidate Rick Santorum that was fed to him by a Mitt Romney staffer who sneaked into the event;

Rick Santorum has being using the “uniquely disqualified” line against Mitt Romney in his stump speeches for weeks to describe how RomneyCare makes the Massachusetts governor a poor choice to face Obama in November.

So, while people are making a big deal of Santorum yelling “bulls–t” at New York Times reporter Jeff Zeleny for asking him about the line, they’re missing the important point: Why did Zeleny ask the question?

During an interview today with CNN’s olf Blitzer, Santorum explained the part of the story you haven’t heard: Zeleny and other reporters asked him similar questions repeatedly after being prompted to do so by a Romney staffer who attended Santorum’s speech.

“This is the kind of stuff that we’ve been seeing from the Romney spin machine. Their press secretary was back in the back of the room, out there feeding lines to the national press. . . . It’s the third time I was asked that question in the matter of four minutes,” Santorum told Blitzer on CNN’s Situation Room. “They sent a Romney person to our speech. He fed the line to all the reporters. We saw it happening. And every man in that room, even reporters [said] ‘Yes, we understand what you meant. But, you know, the Romney people said this to us, so we had asked about.’ That’s what happened.”

Stacy has video.

Well, politics is a dog eat dog kind of enterprise, but stooping that low is something a Progressive would do. I thought the GOP was better than that. What was Reagan’s eleventh commandment?…Thou shall not speak ill of other GOP candidates. Seems like all of the GOP candidates have broken that rule this go round.

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