What If They Gave A Race War And Nobody Came

Well, I had to borrow  Smitty’s title because…well, he borrowed it from the peace protesters of the sixties.

This Travon Martin case is sucking all the wind out of the sails of more important news stories. ( Obama thinks he has the election in the bag.)

People on both sides are going out of their way to make hay out of this tragic incident. The Al Sharptons and Sharpton wannabes are trying to instigate racial violence. Pundits on the right are going whole hog for the “defendent” in the case, George Zimmerman, and the Presiodent has thrown his hat in the ring, albeit in an unwholesome way.

The President should be trying to quell the violent rhetoric, but instead does his best imitation of his “cops acting stupidly” meme against Zimmerman, a private citizen.

I agree with Smitty on this…let the investigation run it’s course. Let all the facts come out before anyone is excoriated in the press. Hell, according to all the Lame Stream Media sources, Zimmerman is guilty. And most people on the right are trying to make Zimmerman out to be a hero. Personally, I think both parties in the case acted stupidly, but one person paid the ultimate price. We need to think about him and his family’s tragic loss and throw a prayer or two their way.

2 thoughts on “What If They Gave A Race War And Nobody Came

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