Trayvon Martin’s Parents To Testify Before Congress

From my good friend in the ether, Bob Belvedere at TCOTS;

So, the parents of Trayvon Martin will be testifying before the Congress. If there was any crime committed [and the evidence is going the other way at this point], it was a state-level offense, even if it falls under the ridiculous and idiotic category of a ‘hate crime’. What could be the reason for Democratic members of the Congress for wanting Martin’s parents to testify? To help advance Gun Control perhaps? To further incite racial divide in America, perchance? Hmmm….

That the parents are willing to do so is a sign that they have become quite deranged in their thinking. Of course, the earlier application for the trademarking of two phrases that include the dead man’s name by his mother was a definite sign [tip of the fedora to Jeff Goldstein].

One of the main reasons the Democrats do not fear holding such show-trial-like hearings is because, as Jeff puts it:

Unfortunately, the Left knows that GOP politicians will run scared and stuttering from this case — and so they will use Congressional testimony from the parents as theater to suggest we need some sort of national soul-searching on race. And they will look to capitalize on any GOP grousing as proof of latent racism on the part of those who don’t fall for this propaganda charade….

And the GOP Leadership and many of it’s minions will fall in line and join in with their pathetic brand of self-loathing and timidity. I am reminded of those Trotskyites who, during Stalin’s purges in the 1930′s, played along with Uncle Joe in a wretched and feeble attempt to survive [they didn’t].

Well Bob, the testimony could be a strange way of going about talking about gun control…or could it be that by bringing the kid’s parents to testify, they’re hoping that conservative politicians will make another gaffe ala Rush Limbaugh in the Fluke affair? I wouldn’t put anything past these buffoons in Congress.

Bob has more from Jeff here;

So I’m saying this now, before the inevitable “conservative” voices come out to caution us against being unhelpful – by appearing to be unconcerned with the shooting of an unarmed teenager while defending something so “controversial” as the right to shoot someone who happens to be slamming your head into the pavement, you’re only going to make matters worse; best to just keep your head down and serve up Zimmerman for the greater good of the GOP: this is a sham. A profoundly disgusting sham. These parents have nothing to offer that requires Congressional testimony. And by allowing this story to take on a national hue, we are granting the federal government the inch it needs to start pressuring states to comply with its top-down controls by sheer force of publicity – and the concomitant looming threat of public rioting it has shown it will both allow and foster. This is what happens when you allow Marxists and community organizers to control a government. And refusing to call them what they are simply hasn’t made it go away — or convince them to act against their interests as a courtesy for your willful blindness.

Then Bob waxes eloquent on our quiescence by letting these bozos slowly take our freedoms away from us;

This is what happens when you value preserving your luxurious lifestyle over doing the grunt work necessary to stand guard duty for The Republic. And I’m not speaking of just the Elites here: all of us are guilty of criminal and moral negligence. That we have allowed the Left to march freely and and wantonly through ALL of our institutions is a mortal sin which has deservedly put us in a Purgatory of our own making. Only by dedicating the rest of our lives, all of our fortunes if necessary, and our sacred honor to atoning for the grievous sin we have committed can we stand a chance of redeeming ourselves in the eyes of our children, of The Founding Fathers, and of God.

There’s more, a whole lot more from Bob…Preach on Brother!

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