Hate Crimes On Increase In Aftermath Of #TrayvonMartin Shooting

From Stacy McCain, Seems like the Reverend Al Sharpton is up to his old tricks again. He’s calling for an escalation in civil disobedience and “economic sanctions” against who exactly? As Stacy alluded to in his article, the Town of Sanford has a 45 % White population with the remainder being Black and Hispanic, 30 and 20% respectively.

I just don’t know what to make of Al Sharpton. Instead of being helpful to the folks he’s advocating for, he seems to delight in shooting them in the foot. Here’s an excerpt from McCain;

Why not wait and see what happens with the investigation? Why this idiotic talk of “economic sanctions” and lynch-mob mentality toward Zimmerman? Why is MSNBC letting one its on-air personalities engage in such demagogic nonsense?

If George Zimmerman is not arrested in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin soon, the Rev. Al Sharpton will call for an escalation in peaceful civil disobedience and economic sanctions.

Civil disobedience toward whom? Economic sanctions where? In Sanford? A town of 53,570 people, 45% white, 30% black and 20% Hispanic? What possible good can Sharpton’s incendiary demagoguery accomplish for the people of Sanford? And isn’t it possible that, by purposefully inflaming racial animosity, Sharpton will make matters much worse for the people of Sanford?

If you’ve read The Future Once Happened Here, you likely suspect that Sharpton’s “activism” will produce only harm for those whose cause he claims to advocate. The consequences of the “riot ideology” are sadly predictable. Meanwhile, on the other coast:

Seven black teens have been arrested on suspicion that they committed a hate crime when they attacked a 15-year-old Hispanic boy while he was walking home from school in Southern California, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.
The March 14 beating in Palmdale was captured on video and posted on YouTube . . .
During the beating, the teens made racially derogatory statements that were captured on the video . . .

Perhaps Al Sharpton will call for “civil disobedience” there, too.

And in news closer to the home front, we have our own little hate crime incident;

SENECA — Six men have been charged with beating a North Carolina man and police say they are referring the case to federal authorities to see if the men might be charged with hate crimes.

Seneca Police Chief John Covington said the investigation indicated that race was a factor in the attack, so the case file would be transferred to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The men who have been charged are black. The man who was beaten is white.

The six men are charged with assault and battery by mob. They are Teryn L. Robinson, 18, Tray Devon Holland, 19, Justin Dimon Alexander, 20, Derick Lee Williams, 22, Kino Martinez Jones, 25, and Montrez Obrian Jones, 22.

Seneca police, along with Oconee County deputies and agents of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, arrested the six, all of whom are from the Seneca area, on Wednesday.

The arrests followed an investigation began March 17, when Seneca police officers arrived about 12:50 a.m. at the parking lot of Applebee’s at 696 Bypass 123 in response to reports of a man being beaten.

They found Terry Moore, 32, of Macon County, N.C., lying in the parking lot. He was taken to Oconee Medical Center.

According to a statement given later by Moore, he had been fishing with friends in Oconee County all day on March 16 and the group ended the day by going to Applebee’s.

As the group left, Moore said, he went to the restroom while his companions went to their vehicles. When he went into the parking lot, Moore said, he was taunted by members of a group of 15 to 20 blacks who called him names such as “tree honky” and “cracker.”

These “men”  scumbag punks beat a man while he was down on the ground, kicking him multiple times. One of the perpatrators evidently used a stun gun at the start of the lynching. At least one of the attackers tried to keep Moore from being kicked in the head.

And for more hate crime news, we have this via Phoebe’s;

It’s getting pretty bizarre when the headlines read, “Hoodie wearing gunmen kill”.  Here’s  a heads up, guns don’t kill people, hoodies don’t kill people, evil and stupid people kill people.  Blacks aren’t the only ones who wear hoodies, whites wear hoodies too, like my lily white granddaughter and her lily white friends.  It’s not the hoodie that’s sinister, it’s youths that have no respect for other people let alone the law, that are sinister.   It is somewhat interesting to note that this happened in Rep. Rush’s back yard and that it totally negated his point from his antics in the House of Representatives yesterday.  I have a solution, let’s ban hoodies.

Here’s the kicker, it was in former Black Panther, now congressman Bobby Rush’s district;

Former Black Panther Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) made quite a fuss when he donned a “hoodie” during a speech in the U.S. House of Representatives until he was escorted out. At the time, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) “applauded his courage”for doing so.

Meanwhile, back home in Rush’s district, two men wearing hooded sweatshirts, or “hoodies,” were the shooters in an incident that left one dead and five injured.

In fact, during a span of six-hours Thursday night, 13 people were shot, leaving two dead in Chicago. It would seem it takes more courage to simply walk down the street in Rush’s district than it does to wear a hooded sweatshirt in the House of Representatives by way of a stunt in a bizarre tribute to a young man shot and killed in Florida during a shooting incident still under investigation.

13 shot, 2 dead in Chicago in six hours Thursday night 

The worst shooting occurred around 6 p.m. Thursday when two men in hooded sweatshirts opened fire inside a convenience store in the 1400 block of West 79th Street in the Gresham neighborhood, police said.

Well, there you have it folks, when a person of another ethnicity kills a Black person, even if it may have been justified, automatically brings forth a multitude of hate crimes against Whites from scumbag punks of the Black persuasion. I’m just sayin’.



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