Some good points here and worth thinking about.

Asylum Watch

I am disturbed by some of the things I am reading in some conservative blogs. I’m talking about those who ridicule libertarians in particular for “throwing away” their votes. The insinuation is that if Obama is reelected, it will be their fault. I do not agree with that way of thinking. I have the utmost respect for libertarians standing on their principles and deciding to vote for their third Party candidate. If Obama is reelected, the only people we should fault are those that voted for him not those that voted for someone else who wasn’t Romney.

Having said that, would I like to convince libertarians to vote for Mitt  Romney? Yes, i would. If we are to defeat Obama, we will need every vote we can get for Romney. My support for Mitt Romney is what my libertarian friend, Country Thinker, would call a strategic vote as…

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