Hey All You Feminists…It’s Your Week In The Barrel!

Well readers, it’s that time of year again when we get our misogyny on and offend as many feminists as we can. It’s a week of frivolity and mayhem as we insult and degrade that scourge of mankind, the feminist.

First off, we have the original offender of fembots, Stacy McCain who goes after possibly his favorite target, Amanda Marcotte. Here’s a short excerpt;

As usual, National Offend a Feminist Week ends on Mother’s DayOppressed Victims of Patriarchy Day, when millions of womyn are painfully reminded of what happens when they are deprived of “choice.”

WARNING: If you are offended by images of how women were victimized before they had The Right to Choose, DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK!

Gruesome, isn’t it? And speaking of gruesome, Amanda Marcotte:

A lot of conservatives have taunted me personally with assumptions that I’m constantly getting abortions with my slutty slut self, so you can see why people who also believe that Obama is a covert agent might think there’s some secret underground conspiracy of feminists to emasculate men by secretly stealing away the womb fruit that proves their American seed works. The 4 million proof-their-fathers-had-sex-things we call babies born a year are seen as the rare escapees from the pro-choice conspiracy to wipe out all proof of American virility.

Making fun of Amanda Marcotte is simple: Just quote her.

Nicely done Mr. McCain. I tip my hat to you.

A Very Important Blogger has a musical tribute to all the feminists out there. Here’s one selection;

It’s fun because, unlike the typical feminist of today, I’m not empowered by victimhood.  I am empowered by throwing off the shackles of political correctness.  To reject political correctness is to liberate one’s mind.  Even if it’s a feeble female mind.


I participated last year with a post still worth a click if you didn’t back then.  Dunno if I’ll be able to wax as profoundly poetic this year, what with all the homeskooling, cooking, and house cleaning I have to do.

Sometimes, it’s hard to be a woman.

Then we have Mary Rose with her very first NOFW posting and it’s a good one. Here’s a taste;

I’m going to write an entry every day this week about why feminism sucks.

Yep. I’m not pulling punches and at times it may even get down and dirty. But what do I care? No one is sponsoring me so if anyone has an issue with what I say, they can boycott Blogger. (Take that, Google!)

But first, a little background.

I don’t write for any large publications. I don’t attend glamorous blogger conferences where everyone knows who I am and I certainly am not invited to be part of any panel. I’m a regular woman who has experienced (and observed) the detrimental effect feminism has had on our women, our men, our families, communities, cities, states, and nation. (And Hillary Clinton made sure the poison was pumped into the world.)

I didn’t always hate feminism. In fact, when I was twenty, I started to get pulled into the whole “womyn” scene. (Or “wimmin,” “wymyn,” “wimyn,” take your pick. They hate men so much that they cannot abide having the letters “m-a-n” in a word associated with them.)

Welcome to the club Mary Rose.

Of course, what would a post about offending feminists be without a dispatch from one of the best offenders out there, Bob Belvedere from TCOTS;

Today is the Fourth Anniversary of these Dispatches, but the official celebration will not begin until a week hence.

As has become the tradition, the gang here at TCOTS celebrates the occasion with our annual Six Days Of Cheesecake, which is loved and admired by all.

The delay in the celebration is necessitated by a desire to avoid a conflict with Stacy McCain’s annual National Offend A Feminist Week, which he has proclaimed for the next seven glorious days [please see here for details] and which I will be fully participating in with that great gusto you’ve come to expect from your Humble Dispatcher.

Next Monday, I will deliver my annual State Of The Camp Of The Saints Address [or, in the case of Rule 5, ‘Undress’] and the festivities will officially begin.

For now, I ask you to check-in frequently over at Stacy’s abode where he will be aggregating links to all of those who join in the joyous provoking, affronting, dissing, scandalizing, appalling, and outraging of the crones, hags, yentas, viragos, succubuses, banshees, shews, and harridans who fill the ranks of The Feminist Movement and advocate for it’s rankly putrefied and incredibly moronic ideas.


Now Bob, you know that last phrase could be misconstrued as misogynistic, right?…Damn good job!

In my travels around the intertoobs, I’ve found a couple of postings resoundingly anti-feminist. Here’s one about a new phenomenon called “gaming.” Evidently, this is some kind of dating advise column. From Omega Virgin Revolt, we have an excerpt;

I have talked in the past about how feminists are pro-game.  This seems pretty odd since it makes no sense that game or other forms of dating advice or any of the endless blather about “nice guys” would have anything to do with feminism if feminism was about equality between men and women.  It only makes no sense if you don’t realize that feminism is about enslaving men.  If you realize that feminism is really about enslaving men, then it makes perfect sense that feminists would be obsessed with game/dating advice/”nice guys”/etc.  It’s all part of their Misandrist Dating Advice Distraction (MDAD for short) to deflect any and all opposition to feminism by lying that such opposition is all about dating issues.

One of the biggest threats to the MDAD are anti-gamers so sooner or later feminists were going to go after them.  That happened recently at Jezebel when they attacked the site PUAHate.PUAHate is a website dedicated to exposing how game and the larger “seduction community” is a scam.  The feminists at Jezebel both in the original story and the comments say that this really means that the PUAHate guys are really creepy misogynist losers who can’t get laid.  This is equivalent to Bernie Madoff using a defense that the victims of his scam weren’t actually being scammed because they’re creepy misogynist losers.  Some of the comments from the feminists are even equivalent to Naziism such as this one that talks about preventing “creepy genes” from being passed on.

Since I’m happily married, I don’t have game I guess.

And something serious from Pechorin;

The best concise articulation of feminist ideology I’ve seen is the Redstockings manifesto, quoted below. While not every modern feminist would agree with it on every point, all of the arguments it makes are central to modern feminism. I’ve bolded the key statements.

I    After centuries of individual and preliminary political struggle, women are uniting to achieve their final liberation from male supremacy.  Redstockings is dedicated to building this unity and winning our freedom.

II    Women are an oppressed class.  Our oppression is total, affecting every facet of our lives.  We are exploited as sex objects, breeders, domestic servants, and cheap labor.  We are considered inferior beings, whose only purpose is to enhance men’s lives.  Our humanity is denied.  Our prescribed behavior is enforced by the threat of physical violence.

Because we have lived so intimately with our oppressors, in isolation from each other, we have been kept from seeing our personal suffering as a political condition.  This creates the illusion that a woman’s relationship with her man is a matter of interplay between two unique  personalities, and can be worked out individually.  In reality, every  such relationship is a class relationship, and the conflicts between individual men and women are political conflicts that can only be solved collectively. 

III    We identify the agents of our oppression as men.  Male supremacy is the oldest, most basic form of domination.  All other forms of exploitation and oppression (racism, capitalism, imperialism, etc.) are extensions of male supremacy: men dominate women, a few men dominate the rest.  All power structures throughout history have been male-dominated and male-oriented.  Men have controlled all political, economic and cultural institutions and backed up this control with physical force.  They have used their power to keep women in an inferior position.  All men receive economic, sexual, and psychological benefits from male supremacy. All men have oppressed women. 

And no posting offending feminists would complete without some tasty rule 5 action

Nothing sexier than a woman with a gun…unless it’s a feminist with a gun. Now that’s scary.





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