Hey Feminists…See What REAL Women Are About.

Just another NOAFW posting.

My good friend The Mad Jewess dug around in the archives and found this old campaign ad from 1956 for the Presidential election. All I can say is they don’t make women like this anymore. No breast implants, very little makeup, smart and intelligent…when did it become fashionable for women to destroy their bodies like they do today? Here’s the video;


6 thoughts on “Hey Feminists…See What REAL Women Are About.

  1. Notice how proud they are of being wives and mothers? They understand how important a job it is. My mom had a college degree and a wonderful job and all she wanted to do was stay home and raise babies – and she did.

    I loved seeing the family sitting down for dinner at a “set” table. We had dinner every single night with the table set properly. And every night we had a protein, two veggies, and a salad. We seldom had dessert and never any such thing as pop.

    • We had the same thing as kids, although since Mom and Dad both worked, us kids set the table and had written directions on how and when to start dinner during the week. Mom would finish up when she got home. And we didn’t have pop either. It was either milk, water or Koolaid.

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