Democrats Pull Out (W)hole Card…Racism For Election Campaign

As I’ve perused the internet the last few days, I noticed several articles on race and racism. Racism seems to be the (w)hole card the Democrats have to play in this year’s election. If they can keep the voting public concentrating on divisive issues like race (or a perceived war on women), then maybe people won’t be paying attention to the real problems we face with the economy, the lack of jobs, the spiraling out of control national debt and our seeming lack of a coherent foreign policy.

I think the biggest news story on this is from Stacy McCain who has been investigating the Democratic strategy of giving seminars on how to change the debate on issues like public policy and the GOP talking points into a debate on racism;

Could we get Fox News to bring back Glenn Beck and his chalkboard for a two-hour special? Because what began with a seemingly minor item Friday in the Washington Examinerhas exposed a direct connection between congressional Democrats and the radical network Beck so vividly described, involving George Soros, ACORN, SEIU and, yes, the notorious “Cloward-Piven Strategy.”

Before we get to the exclusive breaking news part of the story, let me recount how these dots got connected: Yesterday, I linked Joel Gerhke’s Examiner story in a post titled “Great: Corporate America Now Paying Democrats to Call Americans Racist,” which mentioned that the 2010 annual report for Maya Wiley’s Center for Social Inclusion (PDF, see Page 13) “lists many of the usual suspects, including George Soros’s Open Society Institute and the Soros-funded Tides Foundation.”

Operating in “file-and-forget” mode, I moved on to other stories until last night, when I was having fun on Twitter with the #ObamaBedtimeStories meme, and one of my jokes got re-Tweeted by my friend, investigative reporter Matthew Vadum. Because Matthew is perhaps the nation’s leading expert on the ACORN/SEIU/Soros connection, it occurred to me he might be able to get some data on the Soros connection to what Gehrke had reported. So I sent him a couple of Tweets about it. By the time I got up about 7 a.m. today, Vadum had sent me a spreadsheet listing foundation contributions to Wiley’s outfit. Quickly adding up the numbers and doing additional research online, within two-and-a-half hours I’d filed this brief report for The American Spectator:

A non-profit organization that provided training last week to House Democrats, portraying Republican opponents as racially motivated, has received significant funding from foundations linked to controversial left-wing multibillionaire George Soros.
Soros’s Open Society Institute has given $75,000 to the Center for Social Inclusion, which has also received more than $850,000 from the Soros-connectedTides Foundation/Tides Center since 2005, according to documents obtained by The American Spectator.
In a training session for House Democrats and their congressional staffers last week, Center for Social Inclusion founder and president Maya Wiley described “conservative messages” as being “racially coded,” and suggested that Democrats “raise racial disparities” in public policy discussions, Joel Gerhke of the Washington Examiner reported. . . .
The Soros-Wiley connection was noted by Matthew Vadum of the Capital Research Center. Vadum, an investigative reporter and American Spectatorcontributor, is author of the widely-praised recent book Subversion, Inc., an exhaustive exposé of ACORN. Wiley’s background also drew attention from Michelle Horstman of PJ Media, who noted that Maya Wiley is the daughter of 1960s radical George Wiley, founder of the National Welfare Rights Organization.

Here’s a clue to all you folks out there…Obama’s policies hurt everyone, Black, White or Purple. Whites have lost jobs and have a lowered standard of living compared to just a few years ago. Some of that can be traced back to the former President, George W. Bush, but these problems have just been exacerbated by the current administration. But Blacks have been disproportionately hurt worse by this administration’s p(r)ograms. And yet, they still adamantly stick by their man even as he steps on the accelerator instead of the brake as we approach the cliff.

My friends over at TRNL expressed feigned surprise that the Democrats would try to use race as an election strategy;

Wow, I never expected the Democrats to callously use race as an issue…well, maybe I did.

Via the Washington Examiner:

House Democrats received training this week on how to raise the issue of race to defend government programs, according to training materials obtained by The Washington Examiner.

The prepared content of a Tuesday presentation to the House Democratic Caucus and staff indicates that Democrats will seek to portray apparently neutral free-market rhetoric as being charged with racial bias, conscious or unconscious.

In her distributed remarks, Maya Wiley of the Center for Social Inclusion criticized “conservative messages [that are] racially ‘coded’ and had images of people of color that we commonly see used” and proposed tactics for countering the Republicans’ (presumably) racially-coded rhetoric.

According to Wiley’s group’s website, “right-wing rhetoric has dominated debates of racial justice – undermining efforts to create a more equal society, and tearing apart the social safety net in the process” for over 25 years. Wiley had been invited to run the Democrats “through their strategy and how they message and talk about stuff” pertaining to race and fiscal policy, a staffer for Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., explained.

And in true Orwellian, 180 degree rule fashion, the Center for Social Inclusion is all about division and exclusion – exactly the opposite of what their name claims.

I looked at the website of the Center for Social Inclusion to check up on Maya…and guess who was in her bio?

A veritable who’s who of left wing activism and one a hell of a lot of money…

Geroge Soros (Open Society Foundation), The Tides Foundation/Tides Center funded by Teresa Heinz-Kerry (The Heinz Endowment), The Ford Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation and the ACLU.

Maya Wiley is the founder and President of the Center for Social Inclusion. A civil rights attorney and policy advocate, Maya has litigated, lobbied the U.S. Congress and developed programs to transform structural racism in the U.S. and in South Africa.

Prior to founding the Center for Social Inclusion, Maya was a senior advisor on race and poverty to the Director of U.S. Programs of the Open Society Institute and helped develop and implement the Open Society Foundation – South Africa’s Criminal Justice Initiative. She has worked for the American Civil Liberties Union National Legal Department, in the Poverty and Justice Program of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. and in the Civil Division of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York. Maya previously served on the boards of Human Rights Watch, the Institute on Race and Poverty at the University of Minnesota School of Law and the Council on Foreign Relations. She currently chairs the Tides Network Board and was named a NY Moves magazine 2009 Power Woman. In 2011 Wiley was named as one of “20 Leading Black Women Social Activists Advocating Change” by The

Maya has authored an article, “Talk About Race Right: the Why and How of Persuasive Race Talk” for the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies 2012 Focus magazine. She was a contributing author to the 2010 Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity’s (PRE) Critical Issues Forum, Vol. 3 and to the National Urban League’s 2006 State of Black America Report. Additionally, Maya authored a chapter on race, equity and land use planning (“Smart Growth and the Legacy of Segregation in Richland County, South Carolina”) in Growing Smarter: Achieving Livable Communities, Environmental Justice and Regional Equity (The MIT Press: Cambridge, MA, 2007). Maya holds a J.D. from Columbia University School of Law (1989) and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Dartmouth College (1986).

Maya and her band of merry men fight structural racism, which is a more acceptable way to say “it’s the cracker’s fault”:

Imagine that…it’s all White folk’s fault Blacks can’t seem to get ahead. Never mind that Blacks have a plethora of social programs aimed directly at them that are supposed to give them a hand up, but instead, give them a hand out. There is a difference.

But there are plenty of Blacks who took advantage of the programs instituted on their behalf and made something of themselves. Their reward is to be called “Uncle Toms” or traitors to their race or “Oreos” when ever they try to uplift their less fortunate brethren.

The Dems have been decrying the recent Citizens United Supreme Court decision that allows that corporations are people and can contribute to political campaigns. But that hasn’t stopped them from garnering contributions from said corporations. The Lonely Conservative has some thoughts on this as well;

I guess the unions didn’t pony up enough money to fund the Democrat National Convention, so the party is breaking its pledge and tapping corporations to fund convention-related activities. According to The Wall Street Journal, they set up a special fund to make it look like they aren’t breaking their own rules.

The fund, called New American City Inc., plans to raise more than $10 million to cover convention expenses, including salaries for convention workers, promotional materials and overhead. Costs also include entertainment for delegates and others, such as a welcoming party for the media that will feature celebrity performers and as many as 10,000 guests.

The Democratic National Committee and the convention host committee say no corporate money will be spent on activities related to nominating the president or other events directly connected to the formal nominating process. Costs that corporations can help cover, they say, are for activities outside the convention hall, but related to the convention. In 2008, Democrats made no such distinction. (Read More)

More from Stacy as he quotes James Simpson of Accuracy In Media;

ACORN is the face of vote fraud, but its intellectual foundation is the Cloward Piven Strategy. Sociology professors Richard Cloward (Columbia University) and Frances Fox Piven (CUNY) were founding members of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). Cloward died in 2001 but Piven lives on.
In 1966 Cloward and Piven penned an article for The Nation magazine titled “The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty.” They posited that if the poor were organized into street armies to demand all welfare benefits available to them, they could overwhelm and crash the system.
It became known as the “Cloward-Piven Strategy,” and is credited with expanding welfare rolls 151 percent between 1965 and 1974 and bringing New York City to the brink of bankruptcy in 1975.

It is important to mention the Cloward-Piven connection to the “Occupy Wall Street” movement: Six months before the first “Occupy” protests, socialists scholars met to discuss their plan for “redistributing wealth and power in the country,” and as I reported last year:

Professor Frances Fox Piven is an active supporter of the movement and told a public-radio interviewer: “I think we desperately need a popular uprising in the United States.” Piven also denounced the financial industry at a Sept. 29 rally in New York where, in a bizarre call-and-response speech, she told the crowd: “You’ve heard people say they’re greedy, and they are greedy. You’ve heard people say that they are thieves, and they are thieves. But they’re also cannibals, because they are eating their own.”

I’m still trying to figure out what the big deal is about race. We’re all the same inside. We have the same body parts…brain, heart, kidneys, ect., we all bleed red, and we’re all Americans. This President was supposed to be the post-racial President…instead, he’s been the great divider President.

It’s time to get real. We’re all inherently prejudice- it’s built into our DNA. It was a survival mechanism. But over the centuries, we’ve managed for the most part to quash that part of ourselves whenever it was in our self interest to do so. Don’t you reckon it’s about time we  recognized that it’s in our self interest to do so again?

And so to end this diatribe, here’s a video by the gentleman who runs the website, What Ever Happened To Common Sense;

5 thoughts on “Democrats Pull Out (W)hole Card…Racism For Election Campaign

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  2. The Marxists have to use race, so-called homophobia, and ad hominem attacks because they have nothing else.

    I’m tired of them trying to tell us that abnormal is normal, up is down, and left is right (pun intended.)

    We have reached the point in our household where we consider the lefties to be the enemy and will no longer tolerate being pushed around.

    Here’s a great pull quote from an article by Dr. Sanity (which I plan on memorizing)

    “The only way to counter these postmodern political narratives is to destroy the premise on which it is founded. I would say something like: “How DARE you sir/madam insinuate that I am crazy/racist/homophobic/sexist/stupid, when your own behavior [insert behavior here] is evidence to the fact that YOU are the one obsessed with [insert insult here]. You are engaging in psychological projection as a way of denying a painful reality about your own policies. The real issue that needs to be discussed is the failure of the Democrats on the economy/international relations/etc etc [and lay out your argument].”

    Link to complete article:

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