I’m just stupefied.

Two Heads are Better Than One

Big Daddy Government. He’s your buddy; he’s your pal.

As much as the Left wants us to believe that “better living through bigger government” is our future, I have a hard time swallowing idiocy like this.

From the New York POST:

A Health Department inspector bizarrely slapped a Brooklyn bagel shop with $1,650 in fines — because sesame and poppy seeds fell to the floorwhile the bagels were being made during working hours.

The owner of B&B Empire Bagel Cafe — who appealed the violations and lost at two separate hearings — says the inspectors must have holes in their heads. How is he supposed to make seeded bagels without some of the tiny goods spilling onto the ground?


“Look,” explained Gormakh, “a few seeds are always going to be dropped when you are dipping the bagel in the seeds. They don’t all stick like glue.”


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  1. Here’s an idea:

    The next time this guy attacks a business, we help that business owner sue him for depravation of Constitutionally protected rights (as in, the right to earn a living so you can stay alive).

    What’s more, we sue him, personally, and demand a jury trial.

    then we make sure we have REAL CITIZENS on the jury.

    When he loses and has EVERYTHING he owns and will ever own confiscated for his crimes, maybe the bureaucrats will be ‘real easy to manage’ for the next few years???


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