I Don’t Get No Respect

Stacy McCain takes umbrage at the Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds because he made a disparaging remark about journalists. Well, boo hoo, cry me a river, I don’t get no respect.

Join the club Mr. McCain. As one commenter, Bob Belvedere said;

Maybe I’m the odd one here [wouldn’t be the first time], but I’ve always considered reporters and journalists to be two separate groups.  Maybe it’s due to me being twelve in 1973 and watching Woodstein do their thing and people like Bob Novak do theirs.

A reporter is, like Stacy, a Joe Friday ‘Just the facts m’am’ skilled professional, who practices a craft, like woodworking/carpentry, whereas a journalist thinks he’s an artiste much like the furniture designer who designs chairs that are uncomfortable to sit on, but look really cool.

The former provides a much needed service, while the latter is easily dismissible as a luxury.

You, Mr. McCain are a craftsman and have been practicing your craft for a long time and you’re very good at it. You have a strong following because of your strong ethics and honesty. Not many “journalists” can make the same claim. I’m a craftsman also and have a strong following for the same reasons, but in a different field.

As Mr. Belvedere said, you’re a reporter, a craftsman, and a journalist is an artiste, albeit not in the “That will look really good hanging in a prominent place above the fireplace” kind of way, but more like the “Why in the hell did I spend my hard earned money on that piece of crap” kind of way.

So hang in there bub and keep your chin up.

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