From An Undisclosed Location… #DangerousDoofus Update

Infamous Domestic terrorist bomber, Brett Kimberlin is at it again, trying to silence the maddening crowd of Conservative bloggers who have linked and written about his nefarious deeds. Our friend and colleague, Stacy McCain and his family have had to move to an undisclosed location because Kimberlin has started harassing McCain and his family, after already going after lawyer Aaron Walker and his family using nuisance lawsuits and harassing phone calls to employers.

Kimberlin is hiding something and people are getting closer to figuring it out.  He’s running scared. Funny thing is, he’s just bringing more attention to himself. He’s doing the equivalent of screeching up to the bank across the road from the police station with the intention of robbing it. Way to keep a low profile dude.

Kimberlin is a worthless piece of scum and his comeuppance is on it’s way. He can’t file nuisance lawsuits against every blogger who takes up the hue and cry to bring his possibly illegal actions to light. In fact, Aaron Walker was almost brought to tears by a post by Lee Stranahan titled…” Everyone Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day” on Friday, May 25th;

I admit I was close to tears when I saw this:
That is at Lee Stranahan’s blog, where he announces his idea to get everyone to blog about Brett Kimberlin, on Friday, May 25, 2012.
By all means,  everyone needs to blog about Brett Kimberlin on Friday, but lets not forget Monday through Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Keep the heat up on this sorry example of Whale excrement and he’ll shrivel up like a dessicated lizard on a slab of hot pavement.
A thread now on Memeorandum
Bloggers all over the intertoobz are taking up the “sword” against convicted felon, Brett Kimberlin. Here’s just a short list of links;
The Lonely Conservative here, here and here
Bob Belvedere intrepid blogger at The Camp Of The Saints has been busy writing and aggregating links here, here and here.
Not to be outdone, The Daley Gator has aggregated links and written about this continuously breaking story here.
There many blogger out there who are keeping this story hot and I wish I had the time to link every one of you. Keep up the good work friends and fellow Americans.

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