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  1. Glenn Beck – now that he has been put on this guy’s trail – has not only assigned the story to his REPORTERS at the Blaze, he spent the majority of the last 1 1/2 HOURS of his radio show today HAMMERING this guy. Beck even interviewed the two people who have been harmed the most by Kimberlin.

    If we lived in a rational world where the rule of law protected the INNOCENT AND THE VICTIM, this Kimberlin dude would be escorted BACK to jail.

    However, after Beck asked the blogosphere to join the fray against this guy, I suspect his hands will be filled if he wants to sue everyone who posts THE TRUTH about this TERRORIST!

    BTW: Isn’t it interesting how the OBAMA Administration can’t seem to find the terrorists IN OR SUPPORTING his own Administration, but idiots like the Southern Poverty Law Institute can find one in David Barton?

    We don’t even live in Wonderland anymore. We have slipped THROUGH the Twilight Zone into an alternate universe where reason and common sense are entirely alien concepts. The inhabitants of this alternate universe are called LIBERALS! Stop wasting time trying to debate them and just start LAUGHING AT THEM!


      • Understood, but then, if we do not start ‘taking sides’ against willful ignorance and irrationality, there won’t be a society left to be neutral in for much longer.

        BTW: keep an eye on your mail 😉

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