World's Only Rational Man

(UPDATE–My address was redacted, at my brother’s request.  He has no idea why I did that or why it’s imporatant.  But as he once tried to frighten me out of his house by firing a gun in my general direction, I’m caving.  He’s infinitely scarier than Brett Kimberlin.)


You are the poster child for “progressives”.

I’ve blogged anonymously for two years because I cut radical Islam no slack and had young relatives living at the house.  Well, they’re not here anymore.  Unlike Stacy McCain, I don’t have to protect anyone but my brother.  And he’s ten times crazier than me.

So heed the word, Brettster:  my name is Marlon McAvoy.   Look up the rest yourself; I’m not doing all the work.

Now come and get me.

Even if you do, you pathetic puke, you’re no terrorist.  If you kidnapped me and tortured me to death, I’d never be terrified of YOU.  Sure, the pain would scare me.  I…

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