Van Jones, Communist Speaks About “Patriotism”…Douchebag

Smitty is too kind by far…I would have said FUCK YOU Van Jones and the horse’s ass you came out of;

by Smitty

Instapundit links The Examiner, where Brett Kimberlin’s bruther from another mother, Van Jones, accidentally underscores the liberty this country was founded upon, and the danger of jackwagons like him:

“At this point in this struggle, it’s the so-called patriots who are the ones who are smashing down every American institution,” Jones said last weekend in Milwaukee. “It’s the so-called patriots, the ones who come out here with their Tea Party and the flags and call themselves patriots — they’re the ones that are smashing down our unions, smashing down public education, smashing down every American institution that we built, and our parents built, and our grandparents built to make this country great.”
Jones added that the Tea Party is trying to “take a wrecking ball — and paint it red, white, and blue — and smash down all the things our parents did for us.”

Really, Jones? Do you really have a pack of low-information toadies who don’t see you for the parasite you are? Do you really think you can tout unions, which have helped drop Michigan’s population by 25% since 2000, or the U.S. education system, whose higher education bubble was explored by the Instapundit. This is the education system that touts Elizabeth Warren as a Native American, except for when she’s not.

Damn, but I feel much better now. Screw these Progressive sons of bitches. It’s time to take off the gloves and start hitting below the belt on these “Crap Weasels.”


9 thoughts on “Van Jones, Communist Speaks About “Patriotism”…Douchebag

  1. Progressive? Yes, but this guy is also a full-blown radical Marxist revolutionary. Anyone who dismisses him is placing the survival of this nation at risk.

    Case in point: the things Jones says are “American” can ALL be traced the the communist influences on this nation starting from the early 1900’s. They are anything BUT “American,” so his use of them belies his idea of America as AmeriKa.

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