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Two Heads are Better Than One

This is a follow up to my post awhile back in which I lamented that welfare reform is difficult because it will negatively affect a class of people who have no say in the matter and who are not at fault:  namely, the children.

Once again, a mundane event spurs me to think about the Big Picture…my younger son and I were shopping at our local supermarket yesterday.  He’s been in the workforce some years now, buys much of his own food and is more aware than he used to be.  He was there to buy sweet corn for a pot luck that evening.  It was a good sale: 6 ears for $1.   I’m grateful that our grocery stores here have begun providing a place for shucking the corn  and disposing of the husks, right there in the produce aisle, so that one can take home ready-to-cook sweet corn…

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