Ex- Secret Service Agent Running For Sheriff Arrested For Attempted Kidnapping And Other Local News

Only in South Carolina, right? Reckon me and the fellas will have plenty to talk about at breakfast in the morning at the local eatery. Here’s the headline story;


A candidate for Oconee County sheriff was arrested Wednesday after being accused of trying to arrange the kidnapping of a retired judge.

James Bartee is charged with solicitation to commit a felony.

WYFF News 4 was the only news organization there when Bartee was arrested.

Solicitor Chrissy Adams said evidence was captured on audio surveillance, and Bartee gave the person money to buy items needed for the kidnapping.

Bartee, who is a retired U.S. Secret Service agent, is one of four candidates for Oconee County sheriff. He is accused of trying to arrange to have retired circuit Judge James C. Williams Jr. kidnapped.

Bartee is accused of trying to arrange the kidnapping after Williams filed an action asking for a judgment on whether Bartee was qualified to run for sheriff. The action also asked for an injunction against creating ballots with Bartee listed as a candidate.

Is this guy an example of the caliber of Agents we have protecting the President? If I was Obama, I’d be worried, very worried.
The next story on the agenda is about a member of a domestic extremist group who broke into a 2.5 million dollar home and claimed possession of it;
PICKENS COUNTY, S.C. -An Upstate man is in custody, accused by the FBI and local law enforcement as being part of a “domestic terrorist group” that broke into and took over a foreclosed home, according to a release by the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office.

The home is listed as being valued at $2,599,000.  A realtor checking on the home found a notice, apparently posted by the extremists, saying that they were taking possession of the home.

The Sheriff’s Office release said, “On April 24, a deputy responded to a report of a burglary at 112 White Violet Way in Sunset. A lock on a rear door of the home had been drilled, a lockbox stolen, and cleaning supplies were found in the house. However, beyond the cleaning supplies, the deputy found something even more outside the norm for a burglary posted on the front door: a document from the ‘Moorish American Society of Philadelphia’ which asserted to be judicial notice that the property had been seized pursuant to international law. It also proclaimed that any law enforcement officer on the premises was trespassing and subject to being sued.”

Sheriff’s Office investigators said they were aware that “the Moorish National Republic, a sovereign citizen group, and its offshoots are considered domestic terrorism groups by the FBI.

The realtor on the scene stated that his company had actually been advised by the FBI that the property was a possible takeover target for the group. Accordingly, the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force was contacted and made aware of the incident.”

Dude…how long did you think you would get away with trying to take over this house. This is South Carolina…We don’t play that game ’round these parts.

4 thoughts on “Ex- Secret Service Agent Running For Sheriff Arrested For Attempted Kidnapping And Other Local News

  1. With respect, Are you aware that the Moorish Americans, often called “blacks” or “African Americans” are the true Indigenous Americans? If you take issue with this fact, I can provide further information to validate these statements. One only need to read the last few chapters of the Holy Koran Circle 7, prepared by the Universal Prophet, Noble Drew Ali, to get a clearer picture. Islam and Love to ALL.

    – A Moorish American

    • Dude, if you are a citizen of these United States, then you are an American. I despise people who hyphenate their citizenship. To me, it means you/they don’t have complete allegiance to America, American values or our storied history.

      • With respect, I and so called blacks or african americans can never be citizens of the United States of America (See 13th amendment with 20 articles). Furthermore, those labels are not nationalities. America is a continent, and by itself is not a nationality. I humbly suggest you study the works of Taj Tarik Bey on rvbeypublications or read the law definition of “black” and “color of law”. Peace

  2. We’re not talking about “nationalities” here. Don’t play the victim and/or racism card.

    America is a nation of diverse people coming together to reach a common goal of liberty for all. Sure it’s been a hard road, but we have made significant progress…or we had until the current administration.

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