Lets Throw More Gas On The #BrettKimberlin Fire…Turn Up The Heat

From an undisclosed location, Stacy McCain turns up the heat on Brett Kimberlin and friends;

The anonymous accuser wishes to intimidate Walker’s would-be allies by making them fear that if they defend him, they’ll be targeted with guilt-by-association smears. But how stupid does @AnonyOps think we are? If the entirety of the Left’s opposition can be condemned as “racists, homophobes, hatemongers, and bigots,” then what have we to fear from such accusations?

America is still a free country, liberty is not yet dead, and innocent citizens need not tremble at imprecations from @AnonyOps, who speaks on behalf of an international criminal conspiracy — which is what “Anonymous” is. There was  a huge bust last July, former “Anonymous” spokesman Barrett Brown got raided by the FBI in March, and several members of the “LulzSec” cell are now under federal indictment.

The proud boasting of @AnonyOps is ill-advised, considering that the feds may come knocking at his door any minute. There is an ongoing investigation and, while I have no specific reason to believe that @AnonyOps is complicit in any actual felonies, he is almost certainly under surveillance by the FBI’s Cyber Crime Unit. Perhaps @AnonyOps should ask Brett “Not aRacist” Kimberlin what federal prison is like.

Well, I aint scairt. Of course, people like Brett Kimberlin and Neal Rauhauser don’t have the balls to face up to someone face to face unless they lawyer up and take them to court with vexatious law suits. Stacy is right…all Kimberlin’s shenanigans are going to catch up with him eventually.

We also have great legal minds reiterating what we already knew- That Aaron Walker was railroaded;

Professor Glenn Reynolds asks: “How’s that brass-knuckles reputation management working out for you?”

The professor links an excellent examination of the legal precedents in Aaron Walker’s case by Hans Bader of the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Suffice it to say, Walker got railroaded.

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