#BrettKimberlin Disassociates From Nut Job Friend Ron Brynaert

Thought I might try another tact on the Brett Kimberlin mess. While we have been concentrating on Kimberlin and his buddy Neal Rauhauser, another of his associates, Ron Brynaert has remained relatively unscathed.

Of course, Brynaert is supposedly the voice identified as the caller on the SWATting of Patterico. But what is really strange is the fact that Kimberlin and his best buddy Rauhauser have been doing their best to disassociate themselves from Brynaert. In point of fact, they call him a “nut job” as posted in this article from Breitbart Unmasked; ( I’m not giving them the satisfaction of a link.)

What the story boils down to is, the writer(s) of BU are curious why they have been served while Brynaert hasn’t;

Ron Brynaert, former editor of Raw Story, has some curious issues, one of which is he is being sued by Aaron Walker, who blogs as Aaron Worthing. The funny thing about the Walker lawsuit is that he hasn’t been served, while the other parties to the suit have been, or at least Mr. Walker has attempted to serve two of the other parties, of which only one person has replied to the suit. Ron Brynaert though has not been served, nor has Mr. Walker chosen to serve him, nor has he even attempted to serve him. I ask why?

A number of people have speculated that Mr. Brynaert has went over to Mr. Walker attempting to gain influence so Mr. Walker will remove him from the suit, or have Mr. Brynaert become a hostile witness against the two other parties to this frivolous lawsuit. It is strange that as of today, with this suit being several months old, that the other parties have been either served or attempts were made to serve them, yet Ron Brynaert has been curiously left out of that service. Brynaert of course refuses to answer these and other more pressing questions posed to him, and instead deflects these questions on the lawsuit by saying:

As for Aaron Walker thinking it was dumb to include him in the suit, it was because of Ron Brynaert outing Mr. Aaron Walker’s real identity that caused the suit to commence. So to leave Ron Brynaert out of the lawsuit seems somewhat out of place, especially since the lawsuit hinged on Ron Brynaert being the initial bad guy in the suit. So Brynaert’s response seems phony and suspicious at the least. There are people who do believe that Ron is on some Blues Brothers type Mission From God to insert himself into the right wing camp so he can gather evidence for his co-defendant in the suit so they can win one for the gipper I guess. But this is all speculation at this point, and I for one don’t wish to disparage Ron for attempting to gain evidence against these malicious right wing extremists, whom a number of state and federal agencies are currently investigating. At this point in time Ron seems preoccupied with Weinergate and still trying to wean information about Rep Weiner and the supposed fake twitter accounts that brought him down.

There are a number of issues with Ron, one of which was detailed here which that article has shown to be very truthful when it comes to dealing with the mental problems that Ron is suffering from.

What it boils down to is Brynaert’s former associates think he’s gone over to the right and they think he’s been playing them . Reading the comments at the end of the article, it becomes really strange. Brynaert is accused of being a confidential informant for the NYPD;

Sorry guys, you are both wrong. I work in Long Island and I know all about Mr. Brynaert. We call him “Bry the Lie.” His is a paid confidential informant working for a law enforcement agency that has been engaging in them so-called dirty tricks and profiling to keep our country safe. Mr. Bry has been used to infiltrate both the left and the right and that is why he can do and say anything with impunity. He is being paid and told to incite, play the nice guy, play the bad guy, troll, make threats and hate on people. Every stroke of his keyboard and every phone call he makes is monitored in real time by LE. He is living in an apartment paid for by LE. You want to know who tipped off Mr. Kimberlin to the identity of Mr. Walker–it was Bry. You want to know who tipped you off to the identity of Mr. Farahnak — it was Bry. You guys are smart so look at the timeline. Bry was publicly saying he was trying to discover the identity of those two and then, boom, they are all of a sudden outed. Well, my little friend, that is because he used his LE connections to find out who they were and then leaked the info as anonymous tips.

OK, I will walk you through this a little more since it seems like you guys need some help. Why is Bry so focused on Mr. Rauhauser? Well, because of Mr. Rauhauser’s connection to Anonymous and Occupy, groups that are causing us a lot of grief here. Why is Bry so involved with Mr. Walker? Because of Mr. Walker’s incitement of Muslims, which is a big issue for LE here in NY. Don’t think for one second that Mr. Walker is not being totally monitored by a number of LE Agencies. That guy is a walking time bomb so Bry is doing everything possible to work him. Why is Bry so involved with Mr. Stack? Well, again, it has to do with issues important to NY LE — Congressman Weiner. Where do you think the tip came from that Mr. Rauhauser swatted Mr. Stack? Yes, it was from Bry because LE figured they could kill two birds with one stone. Come on guys, have you ever seen someone so focused on so many important people for no apparent reason? You asked WHY? at the beginning of this post, and now you know. Ron Brynaert is working for the man. He is not a rat, he is a paid informant and there is a big difference. He has handlers, he has special numbers to call, and he has instructions to follow. Of course he has issues, but those issues make him the perfect, at least until now, confidential informant. He can infiltrate people and groups by telling them that he is a reporter, or just interested in the truth or whatever.

All of Bry’s antics on the Net a part of his disinformation campaign — he wants people to be totally confused about whether he is right or left, whether he is sane or insane, whether he is a reporter or gadfly. I have ben laughing at all you guys trying to figure him out. Come on dudes, he’s Forest Gump mixed with Columbo, right in the middle of everything our illustrious police force is interested in. And he has been involved with a lot of covert ops against Occupy, Muslims, Anonymous and other groups perceived as threats that people don’t even know about yet.

So there you have it, Bry may now have to take on a new persona and leave Long Island because his CI status is exposed. But he has served his usefulness so it’s time….

This whole thing is getting harder than Chinese arithmetic to figure out, at least for us amateurs anyway. But if you read a little further down, another commenter is of the opinion that all the comments are made by the same person holding a conversation with themselves. Of course, the mind of a progressive leftist is a rather lonely place to be so…go figure, huh?

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