#TheOtherMcCain Reaches 10 Million Hits…Whoo Hooo

Stacy McCain from an undisclosed location, Smitty and Wombat have eclipsed the Ten Million hit plateau. Congratulations to them for a job well done. Of course, Stacy has to go all Gonzo on us and give a biography of the last few years. It’s a really great story and should be written up as a text book for Journalism students everywhere. ( That’s called sucking up.) Here’s a semi-brief excerpt;

Remember when an alleged “singer,” performing under the name Champagne Dream, recorded an unspeakably wretched version of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama”?

Alas, the video has been removed from the Internet, so that readers can no longer experience the weird combination of insane laughter and projectile vomiting that Champagne’s performance invariably produced. More than two years later, however, the April 2010 blog post about that bizarre musical monstrosity – “VIDEO: Hate Crime Caught on Camera!“ – retains the all-time record for the most-commented post in the history of TheOtherMcCain.com.

We just recorded our 10 millionth hit — 6.7 million since Smitty switched us from the original Blogspot format to the custom WordPress site on New Year’s Day 2010 — and, in commemoration of this occasion, I asked Smitty to compile the list of Top 20 Most-Commented Posts:

  1. April 24, 2010: VIDEO: Hate Crime Caught on Camera! – 438 comments
  2. May 10, 2010: Because I’m Not That Stupid – 277 comments
  3. ‘The Demagogic Bloggers on the Right’
  4. REPORT: Aaron Walker Arrested After Maryland Hearing on Kimberlin Case UPDATE: Walker Now Released
  5. The Longest Comment Thread in the History of This Blog? Go Ahead, Guess.
  6. Nov. 5, 2011: ‘F– Michelle Fields!’ — Interview With Reporter Harassed at Occupy DC Protest – 220 comments
  7. ‘Not Only Wrong, But Dangerous’
  8. Will Libertarians Decry The Boston Tea Party?
  9. May 22, 2012: Brett Kimberlin Saga Takes a Bizarre Turn, Forcing Me to Leave Maryland
  10. Death Toll Now Reported at 91 in Norway ‘Christian Fundamentalist’ Terror Attack UPDATE: Video Added; Gunman Posed as Policeman and Boasted, ‘I’ll Kill You All’
  11. When Phyllis Schlafly Speaks the Truth, Democrats Call It ‘Extremism’
  12. Aug. 4, 2010: Marcela Hoeven Bikini Scandal?
  13. Nov. 4, 2011: #OWS Protesters Attempt to Storm AFP Defending the American Dream Summit –138 comments
  15. Brett Kimberlin’s Heiress Aunt Helping Fund His Tax-Exempt Harassment
  16. Sept. 18, 2011: HOLY. FREAKING. CRAP. – 139 comments
  17. Newsweek Intern Attempts to Describe Hayek’s Road to Serfdom: Massive FAIL
  18. April 10, 2012: SANTORUM DROPS OUT
  19. May 21, 2012: Never Doubt That God Answers Prayer
  20. April 20, 2012: Drip, Drip, Drip: ‘Mormon Mitt’ Meme Keeps Popping Up in Mainstream Media – 139 comments

What is most pleasing to me in this list is the extent to which it is dominated by original reporting. “Content is king,” they say, and some of these items were actual shoe-leather work, such as No. 14, my live report from Anchorage, Alaska, about the GOP Senate primary between Joe Miller and Lisa Murkowski.

Something funny to notice is how, sometimes, news just happens.

Two of the Top 20 (No. 5 and No. 13) were products of my November 2011 trip to the Americans for Prosperity Summit. I went to D.C. that weekend to see the GOP presidential contenders who were speaking at the Summit, and also expecting to drink free at the expense of some of my sources. But I accidentally found myself in the middle of a riot — “#OWS Protesters Attempt to Storm AFP Defending the American Dream Summit.”

That wasn’t something I planned or expected. I’d stepped outside to have a cigarette and wandered over to watch the Occupy DC protesters do their silly chants. Chris Moody of Yahoo News and Michelle Fields of the Daily Caller were standing in front of a cop car, watching them, too. We chatted a bit — reporters comparing notes — and then one of the Occupy leaders yelled, “Road trip!” That was apparently their pre-arranged signal to rush the doors, and I turned on my little pink camera (the famous “Barbie Cam”) to record the action:

Total chaos. When I wedged my way through the mob, trying to get inside to safety, I found that the cops had locked the doors to prevent the Occupiers from entering. So I was trapped in the middle of all these enraged smelly hippies, and noticed I shared this predicament with four other “civilians”: Two AFP Summit attendees, as well as Michelle Fields and her Daily Caller videographer.


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