#ButtHurt Contest…Sounds Kind Of Painful To Me…Updated

Paul Lemmen and Stacy McCain are in some kind of sick contest to see who got “Butt Hurt” the most;

And, indeed, he’s got a right to complain about not receiving appropriate recognition:

Nota Bene to those who are using the intel I gathered and shared without so much as a hat tip or other acknowledgment of my involvement: You’re welcome. I know you probably simply forgot where you got those 5K plus words or something.

Go tell Paul I said, “Good job burning Neal Rauhauser.” But nobody — nobody — can out butt-hurt me!

Ya know guys…I’m not so sure I’d be bragging about being “Butt Hurt” and I know for a fact it isn’t a contest I’d ever want to be in. I’m just sayin’.

Update: Zilla Of The Resistance has chimed in;

I am grieved to report that the terrible disease known as Butt-Hurt has claimed yet another victim. It all started when a famously perpetually Butt-Hurt Blogger inadvertently neglected to include a link to THIS in THIS, that got Instalanched (which can generate a good amount of second-hand Insta-traffic to whoever the ‘lanched post has linked to), and the lack of recognition and accompanying traffic led to THIS, but, fortunately, it was resolved by THIS. Unfortunately, the incident now appears to have spawned the outbreak of a new syndrome, King-of-Pain-itus, which causes bloggers to compete to see whose Butt-Hurt affliction is worse that will surely cause unforeseen amounts of collateral damage: like if the participants of this new sick contest fail to link to me for writing about it and I proclaim myself the Queen of Butt-Hurt, for example.

And Zilla has some sage advise for all you newshounds out there;

Inside BloggerBall note:
If you get your hands on a hot tip or exclusive intel pertaining to a big story and do not wish to become a victim of the terrible blogger’s affliction known as Butt-Hurt, be aware that the lion’s share of the glory tends to go to whoever publishes that information first, and even a hat-tip link to you (while wonderful in its own right) usually will not be picked up by other bloggers who link to the ‘breaking news’ – so your best route to glory is to publish it yourself and let everyone else come to your place for the goods first.

Duly noted Ma’am.

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