Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction #NealRauhauser #BrettKimberlin

If I was a novelist with a very fertile imagination, I couldn’t write anything that is as crazy as this ongoing saga about lying felon Brett Kimberlin and crazy sock puppeteer Neal Rauhauser.

Everyday, another revelation comes out about these idiots. Now we have a new guy in the mix plus some misguided women. It just keeps getting weirder by the day. And it seems the new guy in the mix, one Matt Edelstein,( if that’s even his real name), has really stepped on his dick, if you’ll pardon the expression.

It seems that this Edelstein dude had started a group who’s main purpose was to use a butt load of sock puppets on twitter and deluge sponsors of Rush Limbaugh’s radio show in an attempt to shut him down. According to reports, they had an infiltrator and frivolity ensued. Edelstein recorded phone calls between him and the infiltrator and then sent them to all his fellow travelers. Unfortunately for Edelstein, he also sent the recordings to the person he recorded. What a dumbass.

Are leftists so damn stupid that they can’t even read up on the laws pertaining to recording conversations?( For instance, in South Carolina as long as you are a party to the recorded conversation, you are legal to record without the other party’s consent. SC Code Ann 17-30-30.) But in Florida , it is against the law to record a conversation without both parties knowing.

All these people are inextricably linked through twitter and various leftist web sites. If or when federal law enforcement does decide to investigate, the trail should be relatively easy to follow, not withstanding Neal Rauhauser’s supposed expertise in internet technology.

I wonder if Rauhauser and his friends had anything to do with twitter going down yesterday? That via Mandy Nagy.

Stacy McCain has been writing on this story for over a month now, plus aggregating like a MoFo. And now we find out that a major contributor to MSNBC is somehow related to Rauhauser and the StopRush campaign by the leftist loons.

Bob Belvedere is also an aggregater extraordinaire. So thanks to him for putting all these links together. He closes his posting by quoting W J J Hoge;

Brett Kimberlin Lord Voldemort (He Who Must Not Be Named under penalty of peace order) is probably looking forward to the next week or so of the news. Between now and the end of the month, the Holder contempt resolution should hit the floor of the House and the Supreme Court will drop a load of important decisions including the ones on the Arizona immigration law and Obamacare. He’s probably hoping that everyone will be distracted from him.

Not a chance. The skeer will be kept up.



5 thoughts on “Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction #NealRauhauser #BrettKimberlin

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  2. Thanks for staying on top of this, Mr. G. I confess this is one topic I should have been following more closely, and haven’t.
    But between you and a couple of other sites, there’s really nothing for me to add.

    Good stuff, and great links, too.

    BTW: I really do like the new digs here, but I gott admit:
    I sorta miss the other layout. I’m sentimental that way….

    • I’m not really doing anything but aggregating other stories, but the more people who do link to these articles, the more people see it and have it on their minds come election time.

      • Regardless, you’re ahead of me in that department, partner. It’s much easier for me to keep tabs on everything just using you, and 1 or 2 others, vs. scouring everywhere.

        I just don’t have the energy.

        But you’re right about spreading the word. These dudes are dangerous, with a capital “D”.

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