Here’s Some Salve For All The Butt Hurt Going Around

I can’t believe it. Stacy McCain is giving up his “Butt Hurt” crown to one Seth Allen. Here’s some salve for you guys.

Here’s an excerpt;

Regular readers know, of course, that I was recently honored with the Pulitzer Prize for Butt-Hurt Journalism for my three-year investigative series, “Not Good Enough for BlogCon.” That was a sequel, of sorts, to my pioneering work in the field of New Media Butt-Hurt, “Why the Hell Doesn’t Allahpundit Ever Link Me, Huh?”

Yet in the past month, I’ve come to understand that I’m a mere amateur in this field, incapable of withstanding the really serious competition. Let’s just quote Seth’s 1,180-word “Open Letter”:

Mandy Nagy and Patrick Frey have done nothing for me. In fact, I have major gripes against everyone except Aaron and ok Dustin too. But the other four members of Team Breitbart are no good in my eyes and never will bePatrick, Mandy, Brandon, and Lee. That goes for Ali Akbar too while we’re at it. But he showed up out of nowhere and really has nothing to do with anything other than making “our” side look bad. . . .
I have two Master’s degrees. Mandy Nagy has a degree in Music. Patrick Frey is a public prosecutor and no scholar who without proof has ruined an individual in Ron Brynaert. Lee Stranahan is the ultimate marketing whore. This has all been proven. Brandon Darby, wow, he is as un-American as they get. That dude is psychotic. . . .
Robert, I’ve been studying internet convolution since 2006. My background is Social Theory, an interdisciplinary Sociology including History, Psychology, Philosophy, basically all the liberal arts goodies. I know my stuff. I read a lot of books back in the day. . . . I may not appear as all that, but my academic resumé speaks volumes.
This is the greatest thing I’ve ever accomplished, and I will not let self-promoters steal my destiny.

I hereby surrender the Butt-Hurt Crown to Seth Allen, and suspect that no one would dare challenge his undisputed title henceforth. Yet the weird thing is, I remain entirely sympathetic to Seth.

You want to know what real butt hurt is? Blogging for over two years and only accumulating 60,000 hits while your spouse has blogged for just a year and a couple of months and has garnered almost twice as many hits as I have. Now that’s butt hurt my friends and I hear about it at least two or ten times a day.


5 thoughts on “Here’s Some Salve For All The Butt Hurt Going Around

  1. Yeah, but at least you didn’t just tell the whole world why your so stupid by citing a long list of “degrees” thinking it would help. Anyone who understands what our university system has become immediately realize his ‘alphabet list’ is an accusation against him: it means he has most likely been indoctrinated beyond earthly salvation.


    (BTW: as someone who survived this alphabet soup environment (including a BA in sociology, I will tell you that the only thing I got out of my sociology classes were lessons on how to manipulate public opinion and to spin social statistics for said same purpose.)

  2. Personally, I view yours/Phoebe’s blogs as sort of one large blog, which is why I have them linked together in my ‘Favorites’ folder.

    BUT, if your desire is to catch her….I DO know a way for you to slow her down, and allow you to catch up.
    It’s easy:
    (1) Tube of Super Glue + her Keyboard = sudden slowdown in her blogging.

    By the way, this IS just between you and me, right?
    I mean, Phoebe’s not reading this, is she?

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