#NealRauhauser #DeadbeatDad…#BethBecker Enabler

From Screed Of Momus, some more information on Neal Rauhauser;

Beth Becker, the Daily Kos blogger and co-founder of Progressive PST with Neal Rauhauser, has told Brooks Bayne that she isn’t in contact with Neal at the present time.  This is relevant because Neal is on record as owing over $33,000 in child support at the present time.  The payments that he has made are laughable, given the totals:

4/10/2012 $50.00
3/13/2012 $20.00
2/28/2010 $60.00

In the past two years, Neal Rauhauser has paid exactly $130.00 in child support.  He’s had the money to transport himself to and from Zuccotti Park for his protests with Occupy Wall Street, and he’s had the time and resources to show up to Brett Kimberlin’s court hearings.  He’s a member of Infragard who brags about having the time and energy to show up to meetings with the FBI, and yet Neal could only muster $130.00 in child support over the past two years for his two children, Ari and Madeline.

Beth A. Becker, his friend and professional associate, the woman who started a company with Neal and who allegedly roomed with Neal, a person who would have firsthand knowledge of Neal’s finances and whereabouts for the past two years as a result of her close association and working relationship with Neal, insists to everyone that she doesn’t interact with Neal.  There’s no evidence that I’ve been able to find in a year and a half of looking that Beth Becker ever picked up the phone and called the State of Nebraska over Neal’s illegal failure to pay child support.  Instead, she went into business with a deadbeat dad.

But there’s more: Screed of Momus has obtained protection orders barring Neal Rauhauser from contacting Nancy Nogg Rauhauser due to his conduct during and after their divorce proceedings.  On October 21, 2002, the District Court of Douglas County, NE, with Judge Peter C. Bataillon presiding, issued a Domestic Abuse Protection Order against Neal Rauhauser.  A second Domestic Abuse Protection Order against Neal Rauhauser was issued on February 3rd, 2004.

Neal was barred from telephoning, contacting, or otherwise communicating with the petitioner, his ex-wife Nancy, except to discuss the state of his children or to arrange visitation.  Even with these exceptions, the manner in which Neal tried to discuss the state of his children or arrange visitation would result in three separate Uniform Crime Reports being filed within a month long period in 2003.

On February 13, 2003, Nancy reported Neal not only attempted to detain her from leaving the drop-off point with the children after his visitation had ended, he also made physical contact with her and followed in his car.  On February 25, 2003, Neal was again reported for violating his protection order due to the fact that he walked up to Nancy and her children in the parking lot of Ruby Tuesday, grabbed their son Ari and pulled him out of the vehicle, and used his physical detention of Ari to force Nancy to speak to him.  On March 3, 2003, Neal again had a meltdown in the parking lot of a Ruby Tuesday, and he began yelling and screaming because only one of the two children was present for his visitation.

We know from Neal’s own admission that he employed martial arts on his wife to put her in an “uncomfortable posture,” and we know from the divorce documents that Neal was an attendee at AA meetings.  We know that he’s gone online and issued statements about his wife’s alleged drug use without a shred of proof while failing to mention his own history with substance abuse, a history substantial enough to require regular AA meetings and a sponsor.

We know that Neal had enough money in 2009 to pay for Chet Uber’s cell phone bill and his medication, and to pay $1,000 towards the incorporation of Project Vigilant’s funding arm BBHC.  2009 was a fine year for Neal, despite his claimed battles with Lyme Disease, because by April 2009 he had already paid $2,350.  However, Neal could have paid an additional $1,000 or more instead of creating an insufficiency of funds by paying for Chet Uber’s medication and cell phone bills.  Neal Rauhauser apparently prioritized his friend’s cell phone bill and medication over reducing the $12,772.46 in past due child support and interest he faced as of April 20, 2009.

The question is why a woman who claims to be a progressive, to stand for women’s rights and the rights of children, would associate with a man like Neal Rauhauser who brags online about using his skills in hapkido on his own wife, who violates an order of protection by grabbing his son out of a vehicle in order to force his ex-wife to talk to him, and who screams at his ex-wife in front of their child in a public parking lot.  Moreover, if Beth A. Becker does know where Neal is presently residing, and she is still doing business with him as a principal in Progressive PST or any other endeavor, she would have some indicator of his financial situation.  She would also have a moral obligation as a supporter of women’s rights to turn over that information to the State of Nebraska in order to enable them to successfully hold Neal Rauhauser accountable for what is now over $33,000 in past due child support and interest.

Beth A. Becker’s credibility as a progressive, a feminist, and a supporter of women’s rights who opposes the kind of actions her business partner is on record as condoning and engaging in is on the line.

The question here is whether or not Beth A. Becker’s loyalty to Neal as a friend trumps her commitment to the interests of two children who have been victimized by their father’s financial irresponsibility.  If Beth A. Becker is in fact a feminist, if she stands with child victims, and against deadbeat dads, she’ll do the right thing and contact the State of Nebraska with the relevant information about Neal’s whereabouts and his financial status as her business partner over the past few years.

Beth, if you’re really committed to the women’s rights, and to protecting the interests of children, and to opposing deadbeat dads, the number to call is 1-877-631-9973.

And as for everyone who reads this post, I encourage you to cross post it on your blogs, to tweet about it, and to force Beth A. Becker of Progressive PST to publicly stand up for women’s rights, children’s rights, and against her deadbeat dad of a partner Neal Rauhauser.  Nancy Nogg has survived two bouts of cancer alone, and she’s raising two children with $130 in support from Neal Rauhauser over the past two years.

It’s time for Beth to make her position publicly known: is she for women’s rights or in support of a deadbeat dad, and does her friendship with that deadbeat dad trump her commitment to women and children?

Besides the moral obligation, if Beth Becker and Neal Rauhauser are still business partners, Becker also has a legal obligation to notify the state of Nebraska on Rauhauser’s whereabouts.


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