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  1. Cloudy and 71 degrees. Later this week we’ll be hitting a high of 81. Other than the occasional winter with lots of snow, North Idaho’s weather is very un-extreme. No tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.

    We’ll get some days in the 90’s later this year. Overall, it’s been a very wet and cool summer.

  2. Sorry, guys: it’s only a fairly reasonable 87 right now, and a quickie thunderstorm just rolled through.

    Hey, I’m surraounded by Libs up here, but the weather’s fairly decent, …….so I have that goin’ for me.

    • 107 was a record high today.

      Sorry JTR, I think I’d rather have the heat, I have air conditioning for that, no way to cure liberalism, at least legally.

      • LOL!
        And, you can play golf almost year round, too!

        If I had my druthers, I’d be closer to where you guys are, Phoebes.
        Oh, well…..maybe after my boys are out of the house. Only at least ten more years, I figure….

  3. Oh JTR, my naive little friend, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, THEY NEVER LEAVE!!! sure they may be invisible on occasion but THEY NEVER LEAVE for good!

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