Hey Man…Help A Sister Out

Marezilla, one of the premier bloggers in the ethernet could really use our help. If you can’t help by hitting her tip jar, she sure could use prayers and words of encouragement.

Well the good news is that I do not appear to be effected by that “ticks make you allergic to meat (and make you want to buy Apple computer products)” thing that has generated a lot of hysteria in the media, and the other bit of good news is that I’m not mad at Smitty for poking fun at said hysteria even though a commenter had implied to Smitty that his jokes were in poor taste considering that I am seriously ill due to multiple debilitating tick borne diseases. I was given the opportunity in the comments section to educate some people about how my body has been ravaged by these diseases and (when asked) I was able to leave some helpful info about the importance of early diagnosis and treatment to help keep people from ending up sick & crippled like me, I was even able to provide a link to a post that hardly anyone has read thus far which explains why it is so difficult to get the proper diagnosis and treatment which can save a person’s life (and why Obamacare threatens to make obtaining that life saving care impossible). Read more here.

What are those five important words– Hit Her Freakin’ Tip Jar…Please. Thank You.


3 thoughts on “Hey Man…Help A Sister Out

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