#BrettKimberlin *Letter From My Congressman* #NealRauhauser

Like a lot of you, I sent an e-mail to my Congressman about the SWATtings against Conservative bloggers. I finally got an answer. Here’s what I got back;

July 9, 2012

Dear Mr. Xxxxxxx,*

Thank you for contacting my office in regards to the recent harassment of Aaron Walker and other conservative bloggers by Brett Kimberlin and anonymous 911 calls. As your representative, I appreciate hearing from you.

The recent “SWATing” of conservative bloggers such as Aaron Walker and Erick Erickson are blatant violations of the First Amendment and the protection that should be provided for those who wish to speak their minds. In early June, a letter from Representative Kenny Marchant of Texas was sent to Attorney General Eric Holder’s office requesting further investigation in the matter. Another similar letter was written by Senator Saxby Chambliss to the Department of Justice. Currently, there is no legislation regarding these harassments, but if this matter should reach the House floor, I will keep your thoughts in mind.

Once again, thank you for contacting me with your concerns. I appreciate hearing from constituents who share my concern for protecting our civil liberties.

Blessings and Liberty,
Jeff Duncan
Member of Congress

Dear Mr. Duncan,

Sir, I thought you were a pretty smart person-ergo my vote for you in the last election. But sir, we don’t need legislation to solve this problem, we already have that. It’s called the First Amendment. What we are asking for is lawful action. This is a job for the Department of Justice(sic) and the FBI, along with local authorities in the effected jurisdictions.

The only legislation that might possibly help is a Federal Anti-Slapp statute against vexatious litigants. Some states already have Anti-Slapp laws on the books, but not all of them. It would also help if the laws on the books were enforced for all instead of being selectively enforced for a few.

After all, isn’t equal justice under the law one of our basic rights under the Constitution?

* redacted

Thanks to @AaronWorthing for the tip on Anti-Slapp legislation.

2 thoughts on “#BrettKimberlin *Letter From My Congressman* #NealRauhauser

  1. Your representative is an ignorant ass. Almost every state has a law – with the violation usually being a felony – for filing/making a false report, especially when lives are put in jeopardy by such a report. If it can be proven that this creep made the calls, he should be arrested, tried, convicted and returned to prison for a very long time.

    While protecting the First Amendment is very important, the possibility that someone may be killed by SWAT before they actually figure out what is happening is so great that Kimberlin should be put away for the rest of his unnatural life.

    • Actually, the legislation we’re talking about is what’s called an Anti-Slapp statute to stop people like Brett Kimberlin from abusing the legal system. Not every state has an Anti-Slapp stature.

      And he did say that the SWATting incidents have been reported to the Attorney General, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on him doing much about it.

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