Friday The 13th…You Know What That Means…#BrettKimberlin Data Dump

So if you have Paraskevidekatriaphobia, you might want to skip this post.

The Other McCain has reports here, here and here. Awe hell, if you really want to know what’s what and who’s who, Stacy McCain has been reporting his ass off on this story since the 17th of May at great personal sacrifice to himself and his family.

Our good friend Bob Belvedere of The Camp Of The Saints has been giving us almost daily reports and links to this mess. The latest, Bob goes all Hollywood on us and quotes Greta Garbo;

Of course, Dan Collins usually has some words of wisdom about the whole mess;

…Kimberlin learned that he could fool some of the people some of the time when he was in prison, claiming Dan Quayle had purchased drugs from him. Since then, he has recruited credulous fools, partisan cretins, and a bevvy of the emotionally unstable suckers that he has always employed for his purposes, beginning with the mother of the pre-teen girl he set his sights on back in the Seventies. Along the way, he has fashioned an alternate identity and placed it in an alternate universe of alternate truths, as Stacy outlines.

That alternate reality cannot functionally co-exist with people telling other versions based on the verifiable facts. Therefore, those people must be shut up, above all because they threaten his con, which is his livelihood….

We have several lawyers in the mix, too. Two of them have had personal dealings with the Kimberlin/Rauhauser axis. Patrick Frey and Aaron Walker having been SWATted and /or sued by Kimberlin. Here’s an excerpt of the transcript from one of the many suits Kimberlin has brought via Aaron;

Lawyer: All right, and you’ve been in prison for bombings, correct?
Kimberlin: Sir, we are talking about the last thirty days.
Lawyer: Correct?
Kimberlin: That’s what this issue is about, you know you can try to attack my credibility. Your client took the picture, your client –
Lawyer: Sir.
Kimberlin: — was at my house.
Lawyer: Sir, answer the question.
Kimberlin: I want to be left alone.
Lawyer: Correct?
Kimberlin: I want to be –
Lawyer: Correct?
Kimberlin: — left alone.

And about Alex Pareene, what can one say but that he’s a useful idiot. Patrick fisks his Salon piece here.

Pareene did not bother to contact me for the piece, and he does not say that he attempted to contact any other victim of Kimberlin’s besides “charming neo-Confederate blogger Robert Stacy McCain.” But he did interview Kimberlin, and his post has many self-serving quotes from Kimberlin, complaining about being “Swift-boated” and about how this is all politics. And Pareene gets numerous facts flat-out wrong. For example, after describing my SWATting, Pareene says:

Erickson’s story was similar: Someone claimed there had been a shooting (this time accidental) at his home, and sheriff’s deputies showed up to investigate.

This displays Pareene’s lack of research, because the shooting reported by Erickson’s SWATter was most certainly not “accidental.” In fact, the caller said he had shot his wife, and ended the call by saying he was going to go shoot someone else. Erickson initially reported that the caller had said the shooting was accidental, based on a misstatement by one of the officers who responded to the scene. But the call has since been played — on CNN, no less — and Pareene apparently hasn’t bothered to listen to it.

John Hoge of HogeWash, ( Why isn’t he on my blogroll?) has been a stalwart friend to Aaron Walker and also went to court on one occasion to give moral support to Walker.

I want to be left alone. I don’t want to start more litigation.

A week ago, I was in a courtroom in Rockville, Maryland, when I heard Brett Kimberlin say those words. Left alone to do what?

Here’s a fellow who has a criminal background. He received a sentence of over 50 years for various crimes. He served about one-third of his time and was paroled, had his parole revoked, and did some more time before being paroled a second time. It would be one thing if he were to continue to claim that he was innocent and unjustly convicted, but Mr. Kimberlin has from time to time denied ever being imprisoned for the crimes he was convicted of committing. He has shown no remorse for anything. He has made no restitution to his victims. What we see here is a convicted perjurer who continues to lie about his background. We see someone who does not appear to be living a reformed life.

Another person who has been studying this whole mess for a long time is Jay Batman of Screed Of Momus. Jay has been going at the story from a different angle by investigating Neal Rauhauser’s early life with stories here, here and here.

In Screed of Momus’s continuing series on Neal Rauhauser, one of the more interesting development has been an examination of Neal’s association with various progressive, self-identifying feminists like Beth A. Becker of Progressive PST and Darcy Burner of Progressive Congress and Progressive Congress News. Darcy Burner is interesting because she’s a Democratic candidate out of Washington’s District 1 for the House, and one wonders what kind of questions she might face in the general election campaign should her associations with Neal Rauhauser come up.

Perhaps the questions might look like the following:

1. Were you aware of the fact that Neal Rauhauser owed tens of thousands of dollars worth of unpaid child support while he worked for you at Progressive Congress News to help get PCN up and running?
2.  How much was Neal Rauhauser paid for his services?
3.  Did you check his past work history in either Iowa, Nebraska, or Illinois before hiring him?
4 . Did you look into his past at all with a background check to find that Neal had multiple domestic abuse protection orders filed against him? …

Ken Popehat has also been a big help to Aaron Walker and other bloggers caught up in the Kimberlin mashup of silencing a blogger’s First Amendment rights.

Lee Stranahan has been fighting the battle on another front. Seems like their are a few people who think they are the be all to end all when it comes to reporting on Neal Rauhauser, Weinergate, ect. and they have been making life a living hell for other folks on Twitter;

Earlier today, I went on Twitter and I posted a chart I’d put together showing who Brooks Bayne has been attacking, who has been associated with those attacks, the tactics that have been used and what reasons were given for the attacks.

Now Mike Stack is threatening to sue me. I’m going to respond to his threat with the one weapon I have; free speech.

Mike just sent me the following letter. Mr. Stack also CCd a person who Stack claims is his own attorney,  Ned Cohn of Cohn, Bracaglia, and Gropper, PC. The letter reads in full:

Jerry Wilson, who is tired of all the infighting going on has this to say;

Dear Both Sides:

To be more specific:

  • Lee Stranahan
  • Brandon Darby
  • Brooks Bayne
  • Greg W. Howard
  • Michelle Malkin and Team Twitchy

and anyone else I’ve missed.

Knock it off.

Thank you.

Well, there you have it. A fairly comprehensive roundup of articles on Brett Kimberlin and Neal Rauhauser.

5 thoughts on “Friday The 13th…You Know What That Means…#BrettKimberlin Data Dump

  1. Thanks for the link. While I’ve been a supporter of Aaron Walker for as long as I have known of his problem with Brett Kimberlin, I have only been able to attend the one hearing on 5 July. I happened to be off from my day job that week and was able to drive down to Rockville for the morning. I intend to continue to follow the case. I’ve got a bunch of vacation days available and will use them as necessary.

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